Fellowship between 1st July & 8th August, 2012 – JHRT 185

Dear Friends,

It is indeed a Great Pleasure to share few of Many fellowships to happen this year of JHRT 185 , covering the period of July 1st, 2012 till August 8th 2012.

Hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed the Fellowships.


At JHRT we believe in having a whole gamut of fellowship and family experience, be it a party, a religious ceremony, coffee with friends, socials, Knife and Fork or welcoming the Newest Kid on the Block !!

ON 7TH of July, 2012 the JHRT gang got together at Mariott , Jaipur to celebrate twinkler’s Pranjal’s arrival in JHRT ‘s fold!!

All the Chachu’s and Chachi’s came dressed up in their best formal attire for this party. Proud Parents Tr. Prasun and ever smiling Mridul were their to welcome the guests for the bash.

The Venue was aptly decorated in Blue with balloons , clouds and all things BOY!!

Present to give their blessings were: Anish-Tina, Arun-Vani, Anjal-Pooja, Abhishek-Ankur, Ayush-Geetanjali, Abhinav-Preeti, Anuj-Divya,Anand-Jayanti, Ashish-Apeksha,Ashish-Urvashi, Manoj-Arti, Mayank-Shweta, Vikas-Monika, Rahul-Nidhi, Surendra-Nitika, Vikash-Ruchi, Mohit-Sonal, Twinkle.


Fellowship @ Ranakpur:                             JHRT 185 CELEBRATES IT’S 7TH AGM @ Ranakpur






On 25th of July, 2012, 6 tablers of JHRT 185 decided : Enough was Enough , We haven’s met for 48 hours and that’s not done . Tr. Anish , Tina, Tr. Vikash, Ruchi , Tr. Sanjay , Twinkle , The Gang of 6 went to the famous Deer Park CCD for Coffee , gup-shup and

Reliving memories of the recently concluded 7th AGM at Ranakpur.

A quite evening spent with friends , Nothing much said , just being in each other’s company was good enough ….

A small but warm Fellowship moment for JHRT 185 ………




At the beginning of the tabling year , JHRT 185 had specifically decided to provide a varied fellowship experience to it’s members and families..

 In Continuation with this philosophy, on 4th Of August , 2012 Fellowship team member Tr. Mohit Soni and his charming wife Neha invited everyone at their place to experience and Participate in Sunder kand path and soak in the Spiritual experience.

Total 20 heads from the table were present for the event. Tr. Abhishek Jaipuria – Ankur, Tr. Swaytank Maheshwari-Ritu, Tr. Manoj Handa-Arti, Tr. Vikas Damani-Monika, Tr. Puneet Bansal-Pooja , Tr. Rahul Choudhary-Nidhi, Tr. Surendra Duggar – Nikita, Tr. Mohit Kala- Sonal, Tr. Anand Mishra- Jayanti along with the 2 hosts were present at this auspicious occasion.

The Function was followed by Prasadi where all the tablers got together for something else than a party or social gathering. 

Tr. Sanjay Porwal
FC, JHRT 185




Day: A day is a unit of time, commonly defined as an interval equal to 24 hours. It also can mean that portion of the full day during which a location is illuminated by the light of the sun, also known as daytime. The period of time measured from local noon to the following local noon is called a solar day.

We at JHRT 185 decided to take the literal meaning of the word “day” and celebrate Friendship “day” on 5th August,2012.

Chairman Arun and his Lovely wife Vani whipped up a lovely Chocolate cake and bought it to the Jaipur Club where 9 of us collected to play a game of Badminton , before cutting the cake and eating it too..

Surprise visitor Ayush was smothered with cake by Vani and he had to literally run away …

After the cake cutting all of us went to the famous Gangaur sweet shop to digest the cake with a liberal dose of Jalebi’s, Kachori’s, Poori and Bhaji, Courtesy Sq. Leg Anuj Singhania. Polishing Off the Breakfast , Everyone planned to meet for the Fellowship “Eve” since the Fellowship day was well celebrated !!

Tr, Sanjay Porwal

Fellowship Convener, 
JHRT-185, 2012-13

Janamashtmi with Twinklers 10th August, 2012 – DMRT 149

This pot luck joint fellowship is an annual event that the Millennium family looks forward to year after year.

17  Couples and over 20 Twinklers congregated at Sq Leg Anand and HC Bela’s residence to celebrate the festival of Janamshtami. As always we had a talent exhibition by the Twinklers and Circlers. The Twinklers surpassed themselves with performances on the guitar, synthesiser and violin, poem recitation and amazing dances and soulful singing ….. Even Twinklers as young as three did their bit! Sometimes Twinklers actions are more eloquent than a performance. Tw Reevah designed and executed a tableau on the life of Lord Krishna which entranced us right at the entrance.

The group dance performed by the Circlers was superbly choreographed by Cr Priyanka Arya and performed by Crs Aastha, Deepa, Priya, Krati, Eepsa, Shivani and Priyanka herself. Priyanka also choreographed a dance for the teenage girls which turned out to be a big hit which left us asking for more!  

 This pot luck joint fellowship is an annual event that the Millennium family looks forward to year after year.

Tr Kunal Gupta

Secretary, DMRT 149

65th Independence Day celebrations with Twinklers – GLMF NDRT 24

It was a proud moment for the GLMF NDRT 24 to Celebrate the 65th Independence Day with the Twinkler’s at IPC Tr.Amit Gupta’s Farm House in Noida.
The day started with the meeting and Table also inaugurated its TWINLER’S CLUB by the Area Mentor Sq. Leg Tr. Atul Gupta with area Twinkler’s convenor Tr.Rishi Arora.

In the Tables 1st fellowship program for the year 12-13 the day was planned with full of activities.


Online coverage links for the inauguration of Area 5 Dream Project RTI P&G Gita Vidya Mandir School

Buddies,Please find below the online coverage link for the inauguration of Area 5 Dream Project RTI P & G Gita VidyaMandir School.

The Excellent publicity credit goes to Tr. Prashant Agarwal (DDRT 157) & Tr. Rajat Bohra (JPRT 171). Both of them have been working very hard with the PR Agency.

Thanks Prashant & Rajat for all the support extended.

More Press releases to follow.


Keep shinning & keep smiling

Buddies for Life…………

LMF Tr. Anjum Arora 
Area Chairman Area5
2011 – 2012

Independence Day Celebration with Twinklers – DMRT 149

Independence Day Celebrations 15-8-2012

Independence day and kites go hand in hand – there can be no Independence day celebrations without kite flying. In true Millennium tradition 3 Tablers, 1 HT, 3 Sq Legs, 2 Circlers and 10 Twinklers entered into it with gusto.

We all got together at Sq Leg Anand’s rooftop to fly kites in the evening. HT Ravi is a pro and he helped all the Twinklers get their kites air borne.

For many Twinklers this was their first kite flying experience and they had a blast. Anand and Bela played gracious hosts as always.

Gambling For Charity….The Dutch Way! – CRT 216

Dear Buddies,
Pls find attached the following for your kind perusal of attending AGM in Weiden Germany, Fellowship in Berlin, Joint Meet and twinning in Weismoor and AGM in Netherlands:
1. PPT report of International Tour.
2. Exciting moment of winning jackpot, penned down by Tr Amit Jain.
3. Press clipping of the new international partnership with RT 216, Weismoor Germany.
To top it all we were joined by another CRTian in Amsterdam, Tr Anudeep Sharma.
Many thanks to Tr Lovekesh IRO 216 (needless to mention he got inducted just 5 months back), for handling the international tour and this report, Tr Amit Jain, lucky boy won jackpot for 550 Euros and donated that to CRT projects, Tr Rishav for arranging gifts for dignitaries during flag exchange, Tr Lalit for fellowship activities, Tr Mahesh for Indian whisky in Gala Dinner, Tr Atul Luther for beating some of the Germans in Germany in Hammer Ball game in Weiden, and other fellow CRT tablers, who have been a constant source of inspiration. Special thanks to Tr Aakash Mehra, for the wonderful CRT pins and CRT logo on T shirts, because of which we gained more attention also.
We participated in almost every programme in their pre tour and AGM agenda and also promoted Wah India with brochures.
We were given very warm welcome every where, especially the beautiful country town of Weismoor, which was the best part of the Tour, where we held a joint business meet and signed a certificate of international partnership.
RT 185 Netherlands were perfect hosts.
It was an amazing experience in the wonderful world of tabling.
Enjoy !!!
Rohit Aggarwal
CRT 216


The Dutch have always been known to be a different genre. Be it the Night Life of Amsterdam or the “special Coffee Bars” serving the special smokes. Be it the church in the middle of the Red Light Area or the Country itself, which is almost 3 meters below the sea level. When they are so different in everything , so how could their AGM or the Charity Project not be different.

This is what I experienced during my recent visit to the Dutch AGM in Woerden, Netherlands from the 14th to the 16th of June 2012. The event was anyways special to our Table as 7 of our fellow Tablers travelled together to attend the German and Netherland AGM’s from 8 th to 16th of June 2012, meeting almost 700 different Tablers from different Round Tables of different Countries.

After the Banner exchange and the AGM during the day on the 15th of June, the Gala dinner had been organized in a Castle in the middle of the picturesque town of Woerden, 20 kms from Amsterdam. After the Gala dinner, there was live band and a live counter of the best of the Wines and Cheese of Holland. A special feature of the evening was the Casino Night. Contrary to the common belief that Charity and Gambling were the interests of people of totally diverse outlooks, the Dutch prepared a perfect concoction of the two together. Gambling for Charity – that was the theme for the evening. Two Tables, one each for the Roulette and Black Jack were laid and were being managed by some professionals from the local casino clubs. The minimum stake was 1 Euro but whatever amount you buy the chips for, would go to Charity. There were no refunds.I took the chips for 50 Euros, thinking that for the first time in life it is going to be gambling, fun and play of luck but all for charity. Though the initial start was humble and the intentions noble but once on the Table, it was gambling as usual. Loud cheers for the Roulette numbers and a roar for the Black Jack. Drinks being served on the table (casino game table which was not round ofcourse) and beautiful females sitting all around. It was fun, it was gambling, it was charity and it was Tabling. Tablers from all over the world being together and cheering each other. Changing from one table to other, giving good luck chips to each other and in between going for a dance on a favourite number. Ofcourse, here also our Chairman Tr. Rohit Aggarwal stole the show by dancing in his unique gypsy form resulting in everyone forming a circle around him and cheering him up. The evening was something which one never wants to end. But as all good things have to come to and end even the Casino night had to end. The person managing the Table declared that it was the last draw of cards for the day and everyone chipped in their stakes for the last time.

Not very strange for any Casino game, the Dealer got a perfect Black Jack on the last game and almost everyone lost all their stakes. Almost everyone but not all. Strangely, I was still left with some chips with which I went back to the organizer to return them back and donate them to their Charity. Having done so, I was about to move out to the Dance Floor when 2 of the organizers approached me and informed me something strange. I HAD WON A JACKPOT.I had won a Jackpot for 1100 Euros. It was the first time I ever remember having won in a Casino and that also a Jackpot. There were people congratulating me all around and I got the feeling as if I was a celebrity and everyone vying to shake hands with me. The evening could not have been more perfect.

I immediately discussed the situation with my Chairman Tr. Rohit Aggarwal and the other
Tablers from CRT 216 and we took a decision that we would donate this amount to a Charity Project. We discussed the same with the host Table and it was finalized that 550 Euros would be donated to a Service Project of the Host Table and the other 550 Euros would be deposited to our own Table Project Account back in India.

Who says gambling is bad…!!!!

Tr. Amit Jain

Chandigarh Round Table

CRT 216