The Area Fellowship Drive Experience 27-28th Oct, 2012 – DURT

Early to Bed & Early to Rise ……… BUT HOW EARLY???? 6, 5, 4 — NO, NO, NO 3 AM. That is what we did on Saturday, the 27th of Oct. To honor the instructions of our Area Chairman Tr. Mohit To be there on time” we woke up early and my fellow tabler Nitin had to play cards all night to stay awake till 3am. In short, we did all this to participate in the fellowship drive fron Delhi to Udaipur via Jaipur with other tablers from Area 5.

At Dhaula Kuan – (our point of embarkation) we boarded the bus at 5:45am (original schedule was to depart was at 5am) after a refreshing cup of tea. The excitement was spot on but it did not help much in keeping us awake as we were too sleepy.

What better way to promote fellowship than to have an arrangement of frozen beer to be served before day-break. Hence the first bottle of alcohol was opened before 7am only to continue the spirit thereafter. The Area chairman and his fellowship conveners had planned the trip meticulously which made us enjoy every minute of our journey to Udaipur. En-route we stopped at Shiv Oasis, Behror for breakfast and at Jaipur for a lavish lunch organized by our fellow tablers from Jaipur. It would be wrong to not mention the occasional sutta and the pee-breaks where we stood in a straight line on the road-side creating natural urinals.

The fellowship torch was passed over to the Jaipur tablers and we continued our journey to Udaipur along with our friends from Jaipur. The trip could have turned tiresome and boring had the festival of Diwali not been around. We got into the mood of gambling and managed with whatever we could to get the game started. The fun poured in from all directions, be it whilst playing cards or singing old songs but coupled with camaraderie amongst tablers it indeed made our road-trip to Udaipur very special, which we will remember for a long time.

Upon reaching the hotel, we were greeted by the National President & our friends from Udaipur. Tired & hungry we gave in to dinner which was kept ready for us. It was a great day where we came across many new people who shared a common feeling of brotherhood & friendship, which ultimately made a long day an enjoyable, and a memorable one. We could not carry on further and crashed into our bed only to be woken up the next day for the Area AEX.

As always, the seargenting at the AEX was hilarious with Dr. Chadha making sure that every ARYA’n gives a shot in the cup!!

Followed by lunch we proceeded towards the last leg of our trip as we had to catch the train back to Delhi. Had we stayed behind for the evening, we could have enjoyed the Arabian Nights, but our rush to get back to Delhi, 5 of us on 4 seats – we surely had a cozy ride back home! The overnight train went by comfortably with our friends from RT 24, Chairman Tr. Vikas and prospect Tr. Ankur, we played cards till wee hours and managed to sleep for 2 hours before we arrived in New Delhi at 7 AM. We had come quite far from Udaipur or else we could have contemplated joining the oasis, which our friends were treated to for being patient and for having stayed back.

As they say that all good things must come to an end, so did our trip. It was indeed a pleasure and an experience not to forget for us to be a part of it.






Dussehra Dhamaka 2012 – GLMF DART 130

Dear all,

The flagship event of DART 130 was held on October 24, 2012 at a farm in Rajokri, New Delhi. Over the years this has become one of the most successful fellowship cum publicity & fund raising events for the table and also one of the biggest events for Area 5. The chief guest for the occasion was renowned Sarangi player, Ustad Kamal Sabri ji.

In its 8th year (5th year in partnership with DMRT 149), the fair had more than 45 stalls and 10 charity stalls. There were lots of tablers from different tables present for the event and quite a few also took up the free charity stalls.

There were also a few firsts: All food stalls were taken up by tablers and some of the top brands participated for the first time ever like: Yogurberry and Haldiram, thereby enhancing both the class and palette of the annual affair.

The kids’ activity area had the highest number of activities ever that included a very large bouncy, toy train ride, plane ride, balloon shooting, make up, tattoo making, art n craft by an expert art teacher and clay modelling.

We also had a large number of lifestyle product stalls ranging from innovative kids educational toys to the latest designer clothes and home accessories. The finale was as always with the burning of the huge, 40ft tall Ravan effigy with lots of eye catching fireworks!

Ladies of DART along with DMLC 89 yet again displayed their passion and creativity. Their cooperation made the event a success. Overall a satisfying experience for all those who participated in the event!

Tr. Rohit Tantia
Secretary DART 130

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GLMF DRT5 – World Elders Day celebrations

 World Elder’s Day celebrations held on 2nd October 2012.

The celebrations were bunch of community service, fellowship and twinklers activity.


Delhi Round Table 5 has been doing this project of world elders day for so many years and
contributing to the community service.
The tablers of GLMF DRT 5 did this community service again this year 2012-13 but with a
difference!! We decided to celebrate with the elders living in our table developed project of Old Age home. With 70 elders staying in the old age home, who are homeless and thrown out of their houses by their own children. The tablers of DRT5 did a recce and found that few elders were thrown out of their houses just because they were suffering from incurable diseases and their children could not get them proper treatment

DATE:- 2nd October 2012
Venue:- Tau Devilal Old age Home

Chief guests:- The elders staying in old age home
Performers:- Tablers of GLMF DRT5 and their better halves and children- just gearing up !

Special appearances:- Tablers parentsMISSION:- To bring smiles on the faces of the elders and make them feel- “They are special”



Special Appearances to boost the performances were: NHT Pankaj Vats,North star awardee Area mentor Atul Gupta, Sq. leg Punit lal, AST Rishi Arora, Tr. Vikas Mittal and sq. leg Alok Gard Started with Gayatri mantra and a prayer and a pledge for DRT5 family– “Itni shakti humain dena daata, mann kaa wishwaas kabhi kam ho naa”
The tablers and their wives and their children served hot breakfast to the elders with live
bhajans. It is ourturn to serve them because “what we are is because of our elders” and DRT5 family knows it the best.


After breakfast, the bhajans were changed over to old bollywood songs like “Rammaiyaa wasta
waiyaa…, Awaara hun….., dream girl….etc…etc..The permorfers who danced and swirled
were…—Dream girls.. our special elders.!

Everyone was dancing … everyone was cheerful. They had forgotten all their pains, sufferings , their past… at least for “THE MOMENT”

Who says Round table is a drinking club?? (look at pic above). The tablers can do fellowship with community service too. We dont need drinks to be merry. We get happy by bringing smiles on others and be merry !!

How can the twinklers be left behind?? They were actively involved in looking after elders and “serve” the society..!! Singing Gayatri mantra, Hanuman chalisa and even Bhajans..!!

Active involvement of all the twinklers made this event so gratifying..!!

The gifts were distributed to each and every elderly staying in old age home by the hands of our guest Sq. leg Punit lal and Tr. Vikas Mittal.

The World Elders day celebrations will always remain in our hearts, as it made us feel special in bringing smiles on the faces of our elderly. “We are what our elders have made us” and we have pledged in DRT5 family to look after our elderly, who are abandoned, homeless and living with pain.
The World elders day was truly a mix of bonding , fellowship, twinklers activity and
community service!!

Report compiled and prepared by:-
Dr. Tarang Krishna

DMRT 149, Twinklers Activity – Imagination Factory

6th October 2012. An eye opener! We had no idea that our Twinklers can be so imaginative and creative!

At the Best out of Waste Competition held at Sq Leg Alok’s residence on 6th October 2012 we saw the Best of our Twinklers. Faced with an assorted pile of junk, they put on their thinking caps and set to work to come up with some interesting inventions. The young Inventors worked with a will, toiled for 90 mins to create their masterpieces.

From Flying Compartments, Sunny Mobile, a Spiderman pencil holder, a plate of delectable food, a musical joker, a cupboard, a junky dog, a house by the beach, an eco friendly bird house…. it was all there. Young they maybe but they were not lacking in big ideas

0f the 20 Twinklers, 16 kids were divided into 8 teams of 2 each and the 4 youngest Twinklers were allowed to do what they liked with the material. Each team had an older and a younger Twinkler who together worked their magic! At the end of 90 minutes , the inventions were judged by Mrs Ranjana Saha, a renowned art teacher in South Delhi. She judged the participants on the parameters of creativity, use of materials, imagination, etc…… First prize went to Team AA of Atishay & Aditya, Second Prize to The Inventors Sunanda & Mannan, Third Prize to The Masterchefs Vedeeka & Tarushi.

All Twinklers were given a participation certificate & a Goodies Hamper.
It was an amazing experience to see so many wondrous creations all at the same time. Eagerly awaiting the next edition of Imagination Factory!
Tr Kunal Gupta
Secretary, DMRT 149