“Musical Extravagnza” at Zorba on 30th Nov, 2012 – Organized by DRT 5, NDRT 24 & DMRT 149

Dear Friends,

We as a part of “service through fellowship” organisation called as ROUND TABLE INDIA are taking up an initiative to raise funds for the underprivileged children to provide them quality education and resources out of their reach.

RTI (round table india) has been at the helm of an effort called as FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION with a target to educate 1 million children free of cost.

We as members(Tablers) donate from our pockets as well as take opportunities of fellowship for raising funds and every single penny thus raised contributes to light the lives of millions nationally.

Latest in the list of our efforts, is a fellowship event planned as under:

Here are the details of a music concert with the most contemporary music which enthralls and opens the eyes to whole new genre’ of performing arts. Attached herewith are the links to performances of 2 such artist groups. Please take a minute of your time to watch the videos .

The performances will be on 30th november 2012 at Zorba on M.G road , near sultanpur metro station  the event will start at 7.30.pm  along with premium drinks  and dinner .

The passes are priced at Rs 5000/ couple., Rs 3500/ single male and Rs 2500/single female entry. This entitles you to a fun filled evening with dinning costs taken care of.


Please check out the links to have a feel of the groups

Bombino – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adfb17JQYtg

Barmer Boys: Performing in Siri Fort, ADMF 2011

Bombino’s detailed bio

Barmer boys detailed bio

The copy of the article of bombino and barmer boys in the ht brunch,  edition sunday – 25th nov 2012

Screen shot 1Screen shot 2

 Please call Vikas  on +919810695440  or tina on +91 9310351600  or Gaurav – for passes


“One Minute Games” Fellowship on 3rd Nov, 2012 – JHRT 185

Tr. Sanjay Porwal-Twinkle, HT Vikas Damani-Monika Hosted one of the Most Interesting Socials of the year at Wassup!! Newest Resto-Lounge on November,3rd, 2012 Invite and Teasers started 10 days before and Preparations for Games even before. Participants were required to play 7 rounds of 1 minute each, the low scorers to be eliminated after each round. The Rounds were : 1) Back Flip 2) Ponginator 3) Nut Stacker 4) Blow the Balloon 5) Face the Cookie 6) Hang the Banana 7) Defying Gravity.

The Participants were shown “How to “Video clip on the Projector and then the Count Down started. The Excitement of Participants was to be seen to be believed. In the End Tr. Surendra and Nikita were Judged the Winners, Tr. Anish and Tina were the Runners Up. The Event was Well Attended By Tablers of JHRT 185, JPRT 171, JJRT 191, JRRT 215 and LRT 188, HTs and Sq. Legs.

The Music Started soon after the Finale of Games , Trance Music was flavour of the Night ! More than 80 Heads including Children attended the Social , Making it one of the Best attended Socials of the Year The Invite..

Inter Area Fellowship with Tr. AVS Sanjay and LC India NST Cr. Saumya on 21st Sep, 2012 – JHRT 185

JHRT 185 Hosted Tr. AVS Sanjay and LC India NST Cr. Saumya from Salem in Area 7 on 21st September at Jaipur Club. Chairman Tr. Arun –Vani, Treasurer Tr. Vijay , Puneet-Pooja, Tr. Swaytank-Ritu, Tr. Sanjay-Twinkle, Twinklers Nysha, Shloka, Suhani, Shruti, Avantika, Niharika and Kritika had a wonderful evening with the Guests. Exchanging Ideas, sharing experiences of Tabling and Circling . A formal Pin Exchange also took place. This was followed by Dinner .

Tr. Sanjay Porwal

AFC , JHRT 185


JHRT 185 hosted one of the Most Awaited event of the Year at Hotel Om Niwas.

Tr. Puneet–Pooja, Tr.Manoj–Arti were the perfect Hosts for the Season 2.

The Invite :

All the Participants (Only Men) had to pick up chits for Their Respective Dish.

A) Recipe was also Handed over to the Team of 2 Tablers. B) Women were Requested to be seated Outside the Main Cooking Area , Seperated by Glass , Lest they try and help their Better Half!! C) The Dish was to Cooked within an Hour D) Marks were given for : 1) Taste 2) Presentation 3) Following the Recipe .

There was a Virtual Stampede to taste the Dishes cooked. Tr. Puneet and Tr. Swaytank’s Birthday was also Celeberated Cutting of Cakes.

The Most Surprising part of the Event was the Discovery that Tabler’s could             Really Cook !!

In the End, Cetificate of Participation and Prizes to the First 3 Best Dishes were dished out. The Event ended with Lip Smacking Lunch …

“Movie: Masti: Music” Fellowship on 5th Sep, 2012 – JHRT 185

JHRT 185 family got together on 15th of September,2012 to celebrate Chairman Arun’s Birthday. The Theme was Movie Masti and Music. Venue: Arun’s Lovely house. All of us were directed to the Basement cum Theatre for the Movie of the Evening with Recliners, pop corn , and a re-run of Classic 3 Idiots! Watching 3 Idiots after a gap was as Exciting as watching it for the first time!! Post the Movie and in middle of All the snacks Floating , courtesy First Lady Vani, the Party shifted to the First Floor Lobby and Open Balcony. With Lovely weather , Good Music , the Party took off to a great start. . Most of the Tablers, Prospects ,Ladies and Twinklers were present , taking the head count to more than 55 heads!!

A Heart Skipping moment was when around 11.00 the Birthday Boy was ready to cut the cake , Vani searched for the cake but it was not to be found !! Turned out that a few excited tablers were enjoying the evening so much that they hid the cake , lest the party get over ! Twinkler Shruti Played the Guitar for her Dad’s Birthday and got all of us Mesmerised.

After 5 hours of Movie: Masti: Music it was time to bid adieu . All in All An Evening to Remember.

Arun did Cut the Cake and ate it too!!

The Charming Ladies…Twinkler Shruti Played the Guitar Beautifully for Her Dad’s BirthdayThough Rahul is being Strangled, Abhishek and Abhinav are least Bothered!! 

Manoj , BEHAVE !!

Return of “3 Idiots” being seen by 4 !!

Twinklers Had a Great Time!!

During the Table Chairmanship Your wife and Table Secretary are the two who will help you through!!

Tr. Sanjay Porwal
FC, JHRT 185

“Shaam-e-Awadh” 29th Sep, 2012 – DDRT 157

Dynamic team planned again for the second time a superb FELLOWSHIP night –


It was held on 29th September 2012, 8:30pm onwards…till 4 baj gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai…!!

Venue was Lilywhite, Chattarpur, New Delhi.

This night was ROCKED by many tablers, circlers & other friends.

We had amazing décor, booze, lip smacking snacks – food, panwala and above all there were few beautiful dancers who took away all the attention as they performed along with the wornderful dj & his music..!!

There were approx 175 heads

Dynamites had a wonderful fellowship and partied with all magician’s and buddy’s.

We got all the required support from our LC 121 !!

Apart from whatever funds we raised we used our fellowship budget for rest of the expenses !

Kudos to our table chairman Tr.Satyam Bindal and his entire team including LC 121 for this event !! WE ALL ROCKED IT FOR SURE !!!!



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Nyenride New Business School visit to Area 5 – GLMF DDRT 157

Mr.Roderick, Mr.Roger and NNBS students arrived in New Delhi from Ahmedabad on tuesday, 30th October 2012 morning at 11:30am. There were 4  groups of 4-5  members in each group.

GLMF Round Table Delhi Dynamic 157 – Tr.Satyam Bindal [chairman], Tr.Ashish Aerens Gupta & myself managed and arranged everything for them here from Dynamic 157.

DAY 1 ::
On 30th afternoon after pickup from airport , 157 took them to their hotel in GK1 and than to a restaurant called “Rang de Basanti” in South ex market, We were about 25-26 heads including RTI NPC Tr.Tushar & Banarasi babu, Tr.Amit – IPC RT149. We had a great lunch and they could not stop
appreciating the food, deserts, drinks, hospitality…!!

After lunch we droped 2 groups to railway station , one group went to Chandigarh and another to Ludhiana by 5pm.

We took remaining 2 groups to “Khushi Rainbow Homes” in Okhla, it was great to be there and to be talking/discussing with the staff, students …We were there for 2 – 2.5 hrs.

Guest were send back to their hotel and than we all reached “Ruby Tuesday” in GK II around 8:15pm , there we had a private dance party as we had booked the 2nd floor area with bar.

Cr.Neha & LMF Cr.Prachi also joined us there from Delhi Dynamic Ladies Circle 121 and gave warm greetings to all and were superb host. We all had a awesome time and everyone was more than happy. There was non-stop dancing, best booze, delicious snacks and food, Rocking DJ music..!! All happy, laughing & smiling… guests went back to their hotel by 1:30am.

DAY 2 ::
On 31st October 2012, one out of two groups left with RT 149 for their school visit in Nangloi and than to a shoe factory. We [157] took the other group to our DDRT school in palam vihar at 8am. We spend good 3 hrs there. RTI NPC Tr.Tushar Agarwal also made that extra effort and went with us to our school. The NBS group and everyone was very very impressed and happy to see the school and all the activities, wonderful efforts and hard work done by Literacy India, Capt.Indraani and the team !! 157 will be adding a new block there at a approx cost of 40lacs.

After school visit , NBS reached for the factory/industry visit to our sqleg Nitesh Jain’s “MADHUSUDAN AUTO LIMITED” (Best Group Company) in Gurgaon. The really were amazed to see the methods, ideas and way of working in this factory & in India. All students along with Mr.Roderick enjoyed the visit and were glad that they could be there. lunch was also arranged for them in factory/office. They went back to the hotel by 4pm and in the evening went to the social hosted by RT 149 [Tr.Amit & Tr.Tushar] in Safdarjung enclave, New Delhi from 7pm onwards.  AVC LMF Tr.Prashant also attended the Halloween social and thanked 149 for the same. We had a great night !

DAY 3 ::
NNBS students went to Agra and saw Taj Mahal and did some shopping as well. They came back in the evening by 6:30pm and later went to SPOONS lounge in GK II, New Delhi at 8:15pm where RT 149 & RT 157 had a joint social for all the guest.
Capt.Indraani came their and gave 8 paintings to the NNBS groups, we also had there with us Sophie, Veronica and Ms.Batull from Rainbow homes.
We all were dancing, eating, drinking and enjoying the evening. Late in the evening we were joined in by Mr.Roger and some more NNBS students who came back from Chandigarh / Ludhiana.
149 & 157 gave gifts to all guest present there .. all the guests appreciated all the work we do and for our hospitality and friendship.
We hope to meet them and more groups like these !
RT 149 had a meeting there and we were all a part of it.
We also had Anurag Agarwal who arranged stay and taxi’s…for the NNBS groups.
We finally called it a night by 1pm as the guest had to catch a 7am flight back to Ahmedabad on 2nd November.

It was a wonderful experience and a pleasure for GLMF DDRT 157 [Area 5] to host them and we hope to see them again next year !!

A big thanks and a big YO to Chairman Satyam and special thanks to Ashish [Aerens] Gupta for making them dance nonstop ☺ ☺
Thanks to Tr.Amit Garg, Tr.Harsh W Aggarwal & Sqleg Nitesh Jain. Not to forget our Area Chairman Tr.Mohit Arya, Tr.Kapil, Tr.Tushar, Tr.Amit Gupta, Tr.Salil….THANK YOU ALL. ☺ ☺
Friend are forever !!!!


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