Movie show in PVR Priya for Literacy India children, 19th Dec, 2012 – GLMF DDRT 157

We had organised a movie morning show of DELHI SAFARI for 150 children of Literacy India who is running our 157 school.

Movie was shown in PVR Priya by GLMF DDRT 157 on 19th Dec 2012.

I received the feedback from them that Delhi Safari movie with snacks was very very nice and children enjoyed a lot..!!

We have paid Rs.15,500/- from our account for the same.

Pls find attached some photos. It was good publicity for us but not to match the big smile on the faces of the cute children there.

Thanks to our Chairman Tr.Satyam Bindal & 157 for support !!

Twinklers visit to Nehru Planetarium during RTI Week – DART 130

14 Twinkers and 8 DARTERS visited the Nehru Planetarium at Teen Murti House on Sunday, Nov 18. This was part of kids Taare Zameen Par (TZP) activity. It was quite an apt venue to have the TZP here as they also learned about Taare Asmaan main or real stars in the sky.

Twinklers explored things about Universe, planets, earth and stars. They climbed up the model of the India’s first Rocket launcher and also saw the exhibition put up at the planetarium. The exhibition had some interesting models and displays, talking about different aspects of universe. There was also the space suit worn by India’s first astronaut Rakesh Sharma and the space craft model in which he traveled to space.

Later they were taken for a fantastic film show on the development of TIME in ancient India.

After the exploration was over, the kids spent a leisurely noon in the sprawling lawns of Teen Murti House, the house of former PM Jawaharlal Nehru. They painted and painted and also had their lunch!!. Each kid coming out with his/her vision of the universe, nature and what not!


Twinklers shine at RTI’s “Draw India Draw Contest” – DART 130

It was a moment of immense pride and joy when we received the news that of two of our DART twinklers – HARSHITA JAIN & ANANYA TANTIA were awarded the consolation prizes for their drawings at DRAW INDIA DRAW 2012 – the all India drawing contest by Round Table India. Around six twinklers from DART had sent in their entries for the contest

It was all the more heartening to see these two smart girls as winners considering that the contest had hundreds of entries from the entire tabling fraternity in the country. This recognition would surely come as a boost to these budding artistes.

draw india draw contest - 1

“NNBS VISIT” to Ludhiana – LRT 188

Dear Tablers,

We are happy to attach the report of visit of guests from NNBS. This was a fantastic visit and all our tablers had a great time. I personally wish to acknowledge the efforts of the following tablers :

 Tr. Rishi Gupta – Chairman – who pushed hard to make this visit possible and virtually dedicated his entire 3 days to the team

Tr. Varun Khemka – He organized the visit to the Coca Cola Factory which was very well appreciated by the visitors

Tr. Narender – He organized the SPS school visit which was liked and approved by the visitors.

Tr. Pankaj Gupta – He organized a fanstic social for the visitors.

Tr. Jitesh Jain – He went all the way to Amritsar along with Tr. Rishi to see off the guests.

A special thanks to Trs. Of ART-203 who accompanied us to Golden Temple.

Ofcourse thanks to Tr. Mohit Arya and all the tablers at Area and Nationa level who made this visit possible.

Yours in tabling,

 LMF Tr. Anand Gupta
Secretary LRT-188


“Twinklers Creative Workshop” on 20th Oct, 2012 – GLMF NDRT 24

A creative workshop was organized for the twinklers where they made beautiful lanterns out of waste bottles.They were sold at Dussehra & Diwali mela for fundraising .

twinklers Fundraising A

20th October,2012,…….opened doors of creativity for the twinklers of GLMF NDRT 24.Children had this wonderful opportunity of putting their artistic skills into decorating an empty waste bottle……under the guidance of Shweta Dungarwal,w/oTr.Kirty Dungarwal.

Wow ….what emerged was an “exquisite lantern” !!

Every one gathered at the residence of our Chairman Tr.Vikas Mittal. Mentor for the evening,Shweta Dungarwal was ready with the raw material,including decorative net,glitters,frolica,sparkles,glass colours,LED lights etc.twinklers Fundraising B

Next 2 hrs. saw constant hardwork of twinklers….younger ones seeking help of their mothers…..but full of enthusiasm!!twinklers Fundraising C

The result was indeed worth appreciating…..Come have a look!!twinklers Fundraising D

LED lights were put in each of the lanterns.When switched on the view was beautiful……lights twinkling out of the patterns created on the glass bottles.Only one word to summarise it all…….WOW!!


Bravo….our little artists!


Sanil Mittal ,son of Chairman Tr.Vikas Mittal,had created a “Comment sheet”,to gather views & experience of his fellow twinklers about the workshop.It was soon filled up with heartfelt remarks from the twinklers. twinklers Fundraising E



This workshop was a wonderful chance for the twinklers to explore their hidden talent and creativity…..and Shweta’s guidance and effort brought it out with flying colours!!


twinklers Fundraising 1

We all witnessed enthusiastic participation by the twinklers in “Diwali lamp making” workshop.But this was not the end……the endeavour further ventured into “fundraising ” by the twinklers,their kind and generous thought to help the underpriveledged!!

The perfect opportunity came along at Dussehra Dhamaka 2012 organised byDART130 &DMRT149,at Mauria Gardens,on 24th October,2012.

A stall was set for sale of gift items,kids fancy stationary along with the “decorative lamps” made by the twinklers.The beautiful handmade pieces were appreciated by all………BRAVO ,our twinklers,very thoughtful indeed… twinklers Fundraising 2 twinklers Fundraising 3

“fellowship night” on 2nd Dec, 2012 – GLMF DDRT 157

A night at a beautiful farm on a winter evening for Dynamic girls & guys. This do was hosted by HC Manisha Gupta [LC 121] & HT Harsh Gupta [GLMF DDRT 157] on Sunday, 2nd Dec’12 @ Aamantran farms, near Brijwasan, Delhi. 20:30 onwards….

Time and again we have seen and felt that our HC/HT are a important part of our family, they help in the smooth functioning of our circle/table.

This was a perfect time to have a farm party when the winters had just set in for enjoying the Delhi weather with hot food, rocking music, dj, amazing company, dancing, drinking and having a ball…!! The masti was never ending….

Kudos to the host, we will never forget the true meaning of fellowship and bonding.


LMF Tr.Prashant Agarwal

Proud to be a Dynamite !!

Antakshari on National Fellowship Day on 17th Nov 2012 – GLMF DDRT 157

Round Table India

GLMF Delhi Dynamic Round Table 157 took part in Antakshari night along with Area 5 buddy’s on National Fellowship Day @ Tivoli gardens, New Delhi on 17th November 2012, 20:00.antakshari

We had a magical evening of music and fellowship. There was great attendance and we had close to 200 heads present and 11-12 tables taking part.

GLMF Delhi Dynamic Round Table 157 walked away with the top honours for the evening as we won Antakshari nite competition and our Tr.Dhananjay Rathi won the best male singer trophy !! Party time for Rocking Dynamites !! Thanks to prospective cr.Rachna Gupta, Tr.Ashish [Aeren] Gupta & Tr.Dhananjay Rathi – 157. A big YO to all & thanks to AFC Tr.Anjum & AC Tr.Mohit for a great evening setup with good food and drinks.

LMF Tr.Prashant Agarwal

“achievers express” magazine issue Nov, 2012 – DART 130


The latest issue of Achievers Express, DAR 130’s quarterly magazine was released on Sunday, November 25 by former Mayor of Delhi, Smt Rajni Abbi. This issue focuses on the curse of corruption in India. It also contains, besides reports on table activities, insightful articles, jokes and a list of movies made on the subject of corruption.

magazine - 1



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