“Parenting workshop” on 6th Jan, 2013 – LRT 188

3G – KIDZ (Parenting Workshop)

6th JAN 2013, Ludhiana.

Hello Everyone,

On 6th Jan 2013, LRT – 188 organized a workshop on How to talk tactfully so that kids listen effectively. The workshop was held at Lodhi Club, Ludhiana and was conducted by Ms. Jyotsna Gupta. It was an Activity-based interactive session that was thoroughly enjoyable and informative at the same time. Here is more about this workshop.

Programe Name:    3G – KIDZ
Topic: How to talk tactfully so that kids listen effectively.
Duration: 1 hour
Methodology: Activity-based interactive session


National Graduate :  JCI University, St. Louis, Florida
Business Firm         : Rmasagar…..road to reality
                                   A School of True Behavioral Practices
                                   A School of Management & Soft Skill Practices
Senior Trainer & Operations Head in VISTAR SHIKHSA – Vivekananda Institutes For Scientific & Technological  Applications & Research
She is an effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills. She is associated with hospitals & doctors to mentor & guide individuals in management & behavioral practices.

Distribution of Sweaters – DDRT 157 & DDLC 121

The Cold Wave had badly hit National Capital Region and many under priviledged children going to school did not had sweaters and were affected badly.

Circlers of Dynamic 121 & Tablers of Dynamic 157 spoke to our NGO, Literacy India and distributed 100 sweaters in NCR as per their requirement. We got major contribution from our LC 121.

Total collections was Rs.20,000/-.

We feel warm in sweaters and with heaters around us, but for those who sleep in cold or travel in cold without a sweater – the winter is very bad & rough for them.

Dynamites took a small step to help here so that few needy children are able to face this cold weather.

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Couple HRD session at Westin Sohna on 15th Dec, 12 – DURT

It was a first weekend trip organized for tablers of DURT at The Westin Resort Sohna on the 15th of Dec’12.

We were almost a full house with 12 couples joining the action. That is when the HR session took place on a late cold December night in front of a bonfire and with lot of Alcohol to keep us all warm.

westin sohna 1

Tr. Nikhil Rai promised it would be a class act and he stayed true to his words as he conducted a wonderful Couple HRD session helped by Cr. Chandni Rai and Cr. Jasmine Kalra.

To begin with we started off with a game of ping pong (ball)!!! This was a couple form of table tennis where in all the respective couples were a team and a match was played with all couples at the same time. The task was herculean for some and impossible for others like Tr Dhruv Gupta given his taste for tight jeans, as the task was to insert the ball from one bottom end of the pants and to bring it out from the other side. By the end of it everybody was warmed for the Hr session. Our secy Tr Chirag Sethi is still carrying an extra ball in his natural bag of jewels!!!

 westin sohna 2

The next task was even better where the wife had to recognize their respective husbands Under-Wear which were presented one by one by the Hrd Trainer Nikhil Rai.By the end of it Aakriti had 2 of them !! While Dhruv Gupta and Abhinav were fighting for the same one. We even had some which were not recognized by anyone and were presented to the born-fire.westin sohna 3

The next one was a surprise in which random couples were made and asked to discover 5 things in common between each other.

This took a lot of time for some to figure out as most were stuck with 4.This exercise helped the group really bond well and discover people who had never spoken to each other one to one even after being in a group for years together.

Then the next step was to share the experience and the commonalitities which each couple had discovered.

Some were really strange that they had arranged marriages or there partners belong to the same cities or the common ones which were love for shopping, eating out and the list goes on……and on….

westin sohna 4

The next exercise was the tough one where the guys were separated from the wives.

The guys were given a form asking some personal questions about the wives personal preferences like favorite color, actor….. Also they were asked to rate their wives ouch!!! And themselves as husbands!! LATER the same questions were posed to the women and answers compared. This one had some guys like Chatty sleeping on the couch as they really struggled. westin sohna 5

Finally the last one was to make up for the previous one where all the tablers presented their wives with a surprise gifts and had a heart to heart conversation about how they felt about their relationship and married lives!!!

 In the end there was a thank you note to all the couples present and special thanks to the trip organizer Tr. Dhruv Gupta and the Hr trainer Nikhil rai and finally Tr. Shubhoday whose room was put to great use in his absence. Sorry Chairman you really missed a great one.

Drinks and party continued till next morning. Rest as they say is History.

westin sohna 6westin sohna 7

“Christmas Fellowship Picnic” on 23rd Dec, 2012 – DDRT 157

Cr.Neha & Tr.Satyam Bindal planned a picnic on 23rd December 2012 at our Tr.Ashish Aerens Gupta’s farm house in vasant kunj, New Delhi.

All was set…..Venue, Games, Sports, Dj – Music, Snacks – Food, Drinks, Deserts, etc….
Everyone was very excited including our twinkler’s. We were dressed in hues of red, green, white .. to keep the christmas spirit !!

Except few mostly everyone from our LC 121 & RT 157 family attended and had a superb day, we wishes to repeat events like these in future ! We were 45 heads approx

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Cheers !!

Proud to be a Dynamite !!

LMF Tr.Prashant Agarwal

GLMF Delhi Dynamic Round Table 157


DRT 5, Quarter 2 Report of 2012-13

Joint meeting with GLMF NDRT 24
2 Diwali card party social hosted by Tr. Shashank & Tr. Tarang Krishna.
Social at Tr. Amit Kedia’s residence which actually gave all the tablers and there families time to relax after hectic RTI week and Organizing the DESERT dhun…
Organized DESERT dhun…..which was attended by 85 plus heads from area and was a grand success.
Tr. Ashish Gupta along with Sq leg NHT Pankaj Vats went to the fellowship drive starting from Punjab to Udaipur. They were 3 amazing days of fellowship.

Pub crawl was organized by DRT 5, NDRT 24, DMRT 43 at Hauz Khas village. 20 tablers and 5 ladies attended the event. Everybody enjoyed the fellowship that we had amongst our selves
Inter table antakashri competition was organized by area 5. Team comprised Tr. Arun Begani, Neelam ( Wife of Tr. Rajesh ), Nidhi ( Wife of Tr. Dipak). Table was present in full strength including twinklers to cheer team DRT5.
Picnic at wonder of world- Tr. Amit Kedia organized picnic at wonders of world. All the tablers in full strength with there family were present there on time.


World elders day celebration- Delhi Round Table 5 has been doing this project of world elders day for so many years and contributing to the community service.
The tablers of GLMF DRT 5 did this community service again this year 2012-13 but with a difference!! We decided to celebrate with the elders living in our table developed project of Old Age home. All the tablers visited the place along with their family and parents.

Blanket distribution- As the winters are approaching GLMF DRT 5 decided to distribute blankets to the different organization in need of the same. In total 100 blankets were distributed.

Cd player to blind school- 5 CD players were donated for the purpose of playing braille textbooks to National Blind school.
Tare zameen par- In spirit with national initiative of organizing painting competition for the under privileged children on 14th Nov first day of RTI week, GLMF DRT 5 also organized painting competition at Aggarwal Seva Bharti, run by Jagriti Seva Trust

Lunch at balwadi school with kids- Lunch and painting completion was organized at Balwadi School in association with NDRT 24.
Visit to area 5 permanent school- P & G, RTI school in purkas, panipath is an area 5 adopted school and how can we skip a visit during the RTI week. It was planned jointly with NDRT 24 and DMRT 43. GLMF DRT 5 HT’s Arun Darewah and Pradip singh Mehta visited the place.
Cataract operations- Thanks to DMRT 43 for organizing their cataract operation for the 3rd year in a row. DRT 5 sponsored 10 Operation at the cost of Rs. 18000.

Go green:
Tr. Manish and Tr. Anil in their area carried out tree plantation and total of 35 saplings were planted. Plantation was carried out such that regular care of saplings can be taken.

Couple HRD session was organized on 14th oct, Tr. Naren spared his valuable time and came to address us all.

Visit to other table events:
Tablers from DRT 5 also visited different table events. Starting from inauguration of UURT in Udaipur, permanent school project of ULRT and movie fund raiser by DMRT 43. Dussehera dhamaka organized by DART 130 and NDRT 149 was visited by 4 families from DRT 5.

Joint events:
This quarter was full of joint events. Whether its business meet or fellowship event or projects. Joint events were carried out with NDRT 24, DMRT 43, DMRT 149.

Supply house:
Greeting cards are procured from supply house and are been sent to all the tablers of area 5 on there b’day’s and anniversary.

Huge publicity was generated during the DESERT dhun event. The whole event was promoted online on face book and by sending mails. More then 1000 invited were sent on face book and by mails.

Pot making classes were organized for the twinklers of area 5 during the Dussehera dhamaka organized by DART 130 and DMRT 149.

Tr. Manish Gupta, Tr. Rajesh Agarwal, Tr. Vishal Poddar n Sq leg Vikas Seth formed a joint team with NDRT 43 and played in Inter Table cricket tournament organized by DART 130. Tr. Manish got the award for man of the series and the best bowler. Tr. Manish was also the captain of the joint winning team of DRT 5 and NDRT 43

Tr. Manish Gupta and Tr. Vishal Poddar participating in Jaffa to be held in chennai in Jan.
Met Tr. Amit Begani, National President Nepal Round Table for dinner and exchanged pins and flags of the table. Also got to know that they are organizing a cricket tournament in Nepal for the tablers from Inida, Srilanka n Nepal.

Chairman’s Social on 14th Dec,12 – GLMF DDRT 157


Delhi Dynamic Ladies Circle 121 & GLMF Delhi Dynamic Round Table 157 had a social hosted by Cr.Neha & Tr.Satyam Bindal at their house. It was a great and a big day for all of us as we had many tablers present from Area5 and national board as well on 14th December 2012.

Present :
Tr Vineet Parikh, RTI, NP. RT 40
Tr Mohit Arya, AC, Area5. RT 149
Tr Tushar Agarwal. RTI, NPC, RT 149
Tr Anjum Arora, IPC- Area5, RT 43
Sqleg Ravi baid, Area5 Mentor. RT 149
Tr Navin, RT 77
Sqleg Sanjay Kondas, Coimbatore.
Tr Mahesh Mahajan, Chairman RT 216
Tr Mohit Kala, RT 185
HT Harsh Gupta, RT 157
Tr Naren Agarwal, RT 188
Tr Atul L, RT 216
Tr Atul G, RT 216
All Dynamites @ LC 121 & RT 157

Thanks a lot Neha & Satyam for hosting all of us at your house for a wonderful social and a Dynamic meeting. We all enjoyed the delicious food, drinks and had a very good time.


LMF Tr.Prashant Agarwal [157] 

Halloween Fellowship – DMRT 149

Spooky, pumpkins, Scray, bats, trick or treat was all there at Tablers Amit & Tushar’s Holloween Get Together held on 31.10.2012 at Tabler Amit’s Roof Top.

It was attended by NBS students Visiting India Area -5, fellow tablers of 149 and guests of our table and Tabler Prashant Aggarwal of 157.

Cr. Priya & Cr. Shivani had taken great pains over the decorations and their efforts added greatly to the ambience.

Twinkler games such as “Jumping for donuts” “eye ball toss”, etc. were organised to keep the twinklers busy.

Everybody came dressed in the spirit of Holloween with devil mask being a hot favourite. Even the Twinklers entered full fledged into the spirit of Holloween and were dressed as little angels and devils.

What followed was an evening of great rejoycing, fellowship, camaraderie accompanied by great food and hospitality of the hosts. It enabled of tablers 149 to interact with NBS students on one to one basis and thereby form everlasting bonds of friendship. Indefatigable Tablers and Circlers of Holloween family continued the fellowship by playing cards, welcoming Diwali late into night.

halloween 1

“Desert Dhun” – DMRT 149

Great Music, Awesome Ambience and Scrumptious food – An evening to remember. The music from the dunes of Sahara and their was the flavour of the evening.

This musical extravaganza brought together two world class artists on the same platform. Bombino, from Niger, held the audience spell bond with his dry guitar and The Barmer Boys, from India, with their folksy tunes captured the attention of the crowd.

This event was organised by DRT-5, NDRT-24 & DMRT 149 on 30.11.2012 at Zorba, Mehrauli marking a first musical event of area 5 of this Calibre.

 The event was attended by 80 couples from the entire tabling fraternity of Delhi and their guests.

The evening started off at 8:30 p.m. with Barmer boys taking to the stage. Their folks songs and percussion sounds had the audience tapping their feet. Singer Mangey Khan’s voice needs to the heard to be believed. His voice brings alive the sounds of the desert winds and the dunes. Their music enthralls! The dholak, Khurtal and Morchang set up a foot tapping beat that was the soul of their performance.

Once Bombino came on, the music seemed to flow from all around. The Hendrix of Niger with his unique guitar sounds and singular style of singing had the crowd asking for more. To add to this, the energy of his dance was mesmerizing. The crowd swayed to the drum beats and the magic sounds of his guitar.

The grand finale was truly grand! Both these awesome artistes on the stage together was a treat of a lifetime. The jugal bondi of their music was such as has never been heard. The sounds of India and Africa blended seamlessly. The Khurtal and the drums matched each other, beat for beat. The morchang added a quaint sound to the guitar music and the lead singers brought alive the cultures of their countries. The crowd got so swept along with the music that many climbed up on to the satge to dance with these musical geniuses. All in all an event to remember.

desert dhun

Area fellowship drive, Oct 28th to Oct 30th, 2012 – DMRT 149

Cities Covered – Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur

149’rs attending – HT Ravi, Chairman Kapil, Mohit Arya, HT Manoj Saraogi, Tabler Amit Gupta.

Day 1: Fellowship and Tabling took on a different meaning with the FD 2012. The kickoff of the drive was done by NFC Tabler Randhir Gupta from Dhaula Kuan at 5: 30 a.m.! We were 28 Tablers and Sq. Legs in a deluxe Volvo Bus embarked on an ambitious journey to cover 3 cities – Jaipur, Bhilwara and Udaipur during this drive. Journey’s to me are the most memorable and enjoyable part of any trip! This was going to be special beyond all others!

Imagine 28 Tablers with an open bar and spiced up conversation can make a 14 hours journey also seem short and this is how this journey was meant to be. Area fellowship convener Anjum and Area Chairman Mohit ensured that there was enough actionable discussion items for all to discuss. Our pit stops were frequent for various reasons, yet we met up with Jaipur table for a joint fellowship social of 4 city tables at well before 1 p.m. and enjoyed an excellent lunch and fellowship. Jaipur to Bhilwara who meant to be a 4 hours trip and we were geared to make the most of post lunch with round of card session, keeping in mind our NST Deepak Menda’s penchant for a game. Imagine 8 people playing Teen Patti in a morning bus. 2 out of them were playing standing for 4 hours! Anyway trips have changes and in tabling plans change – we had to unfortunately drop Bhilwara from the trip as there was a demise in Tabler’s family. Discussion were taken, quick arrangements by ULRT Pankaj Duggar meant we were set on a 8 hours journey from Jaipur to Udaipur. This gave our singing Deva’s Kapil & Mohit to flex their vocal chords and our HT Manoj to play longer game of Teen patti. Infact he got Ace Trail – season’s first!! Our Welcome at 11 p.m. at Udaipur was warm with Tablers from ULRT in full strength – Delicious Food, Welcome Drinks and Delightful Banter. Night was young ever after a awesome journey. Cards / Gossip session all Continued.

Day 2: Started early with Mohit waking us all up – Yes !!Yes!! he is a responsible dude with his Area Chairman hat asking everyone to come for the AEX on time. We were all dressed up in Yellow T-shirts & Jeans looking like school boys at the resort attending a class! I and Manoj were assisting Puneet Bansal at The PTBAT for the ULRT Tablers. A session which we enjoyed conducting for the enthusiastic bunch of new inductees to RTI. The AEX was attended by VP Vineet Parikh… Lunch was followed by some well deserved rest and catching up on lot sleep and getting ready for the evening Inaguration of ULRT. A perfectly organised décor with Arabian Theme. All of us were given head gears and Music, Belly Dancing and Masti through an open air party ensured all of us carried back smiles an our faces. Our Chairman Kapil was happy and showed his own moves which kept everyone entertained once the Belly Dancers were gone.

Day 3: We visited ULRT project in the morning followed by an awesome lunch at the club with ULRT Tablers. Bided adieu to all to catch some sleep on the 4 p.m. flight to Delhi. A journey with memories of a life time coming to an end.

area fellowship 2 area fellowship 1

Secretary DMRT-149