“Little hands … feeling Jaipur” – JJRT 191



little Hands 1


15-17th February, 2013, JAIPUR


From 15th– 17th February 2013 a group of visually impaired children (11) alongwith their family members in total 18 people visited Jaipur for an excursion visit. The team reached Jaipur on February 15th night and were hosted at a hotel owned by Tabler Vipul Maini. Three cheers to Vipul to sponsor their stay, meals, etc and not charge a penny to the Table.

Although weather was not very good on 16th February (desperate calls were made between Udai, Kartik, Kapil, Mayank and Amit to discuss alternate plan). However, thanks a holy dance by Tr. Kapil Bhargava (The Complete Man), god took pity on us and stopped the rains. Kudos to Kapil….

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The day started with the kids visit to the National Blind School which is run by National Blind Welfare Association and where they were made aware of the latest technologies which are being used for the education of blind children. It was quite a learning experience for the Kids. After the school, the next stop was the Jaipur museum. In the museum, they were educated about the rich history of Jaipur, etc. and they were able to feel the walls from time to time and were able to visualise the place in their minds. For lunch, they were hosted by Chairman Vishal at Moti Mahal, where they were treated with a scrumptious meal. 

little Hands 3

After that they visited the Amer Fort and Shitlamata temple. Post the visit to the Amer Fort; they enjoyed the light and sound show at Amer. Even though the weather had dipped suddenly and it was extremely cold, that did not dissuade the Kids to enjoy the light and sound show. It was the enthusiasm of the kids that kept the Tablers accompanying them to also enjoy the trip to Amer. 

little Hands 4

On 17th February post a heavy breakfast, the kids visited the Zoo. In the zoo, they got to know about different types of wild animals, such as bear, leopard, lion, tiger, elephant, monkey, ostrich, fox, deer, wolf, rabbit, crocodile, various types and colour of birds, and their sounds. They were very excited to hear the sound of the lion, tiger, and elephant etc. The guides that travelled with them, described to them the body structure and colour of various animal and birds, which helped them to visualise the animals. After the zoo visit, they went back to the hotel for lunch and then they headed back for Chittor. Ladies Circle had organised packed food for the kids, which was distributed to the kids by Cr. Shreya Rawat. It is important to recognise Cr. Rashi Kothari and Cr. Shweta Mehta for taking the lead in organising the food packets. 


These are inputs that Tr. Udai received from the Kids…drafted by them, hence no editing was done to correct the language…

  • Manju: – I liked the light and sound show very much which gave us details about Jaipur history and his ruler. Arrangements in the hotel were also very good, I like food very much.(Tr. Vipul to please make note)

  •  Rami and her mother: –Rami told that “I liked very much of zoo to fell and know about them. Even I am quit fortunate to hear some noises of various wild animals. Before this visit I was never imagine, seeing those palaces and even I stayed in hotel and took various food also. I like very much this trip and Thanks to all the organizers. Her Mother told, before I was fearful, that how can I send my girls to Jaipur but now I can my girl can go anywhere and no need of myself to go with her. I can see the clear confidence

  •  Ashutosh: – I was very happy to feel different types of things at museum and in the fort. I also enjoyed singing in the taxi during travel. I will never forget this visit for my whole life and I would like to thank Udai Sir and all his friends for providing this opportunity.

Acknowledgements (Thanks):

  • Tr. Udai: For taking the initiative to organise the Visit of the kids and for ensuring that all the Tablers turn up on time….lot of sms were sent, will send my Bill for reimbursement (Tr. Kapil, please make note)little Hands 5

    • Tr. Vipul and his family: For playing the role of a generous host…wish you would also host your fellow Tablers for a night and make us go blind with all the beauties that you will arrange to keep us entertained…

    • Tr. Saket Taparia: For his commitment towards the cause and involvement in all the activities…kudos to you…

    • Tr. Kartik: Bade dadaji…for sponsoring the dinner for one night for the kids…kabhi hum jaise bhuko ko bhi apne ghar me dinner khilaya karo..bahut punaya milega….

    • Tr. Mayank: No thanks for not being around but thanks for letting the tigers stay safe in Ranthambore…Thanks for ensuring that report of the event is disseminated on time…..

    • Tr Kapil: The Complete Man…..thanks for taking care of the kids, while the drunkards (sunil, saket, etc) were enjoying their Vodka in Amer Fort….

    • Tr. Amit: For sponsoring the snacks for the kids….Metro se wholesale mein khareda tha..tuhar ek tabler ke ghar ke liye be le lete…saale kanjus….

    • Tr. Nainesh: Eid ke chand…for his time to show the kids the museum and the city palace…saale, yeah report to bana deta…

    • Tr Aakash, Alpesh and Sandeep: for their guest appearances…

    • Tr. Sukant: good to see you involved the whole day on 16th Feb….ek ek gas cylinder gift kar deta, sab bacche dua dete tere ko…..aur sab tabler ko bhi….sab ki biwiya dua dete tereko…little Hands 6

    • Tr Sunil: For photography without charge….it was exciting to see the lion getting horny seeing our own tiger…mating calls were heard all over Jaipur….

    • Tr. Kapoor: Samsung man….tasting the food and giving the green signal at Vipul Hotel….

    • Tr Vishal: sponsoring the lunch at Moti Mahal…kids enjoyed the food and also for sponsoring the dinner for Tr Udai and Tr Amit….made each and everyone else in the Tabler jealous…

      little Hands 7

      Last but not the least; we would like to acknowledge all the Twinklers for taking out time and visiting the Zoo alongwith the Kids.little Hands 8

“Hukka Bar” on 14th Nov, 2012 – JHRT 185

Diwali :It Was Not
Anniversary : It was Not
Birthday : No
No Special Occasion , Just Chill.. JHRT Style
Secretary Tr. Mohit Kala’s place. Hukkah, Snacks and Cards on 14th November ,2012


  • When Fellowship is in the Table’s Table’s DNA , there is no need , no reason, no occasion for a Party to happen!
  • Tr. Mohit Kala and his charming wife Sonal made a sudden impulsive programme for a get together.. ( Actually it was Mohit’s idea , Sonal already had two sets of guests for dinner that night!!) 
  • 13 couples with kids descended within an hour !
  • Then the party started…..

Lead us O’ Chairman!

Hukka 1

The Hosts

Hukka 2

Engines, Cards and snacks..

Hukka 3

Reported by Tr. Sanjay Porwal
JHRT 185

Fork & Knife dinner hosted by Tr. Prasun and Mridul Khaitan- JHRT 185


  • The Hosts: Tr. Prasun and Mridul Khaitan were the gracious hosts for the December F&K Dinner hosted at their home.
  • The Guests: Tr. Sanjay Porwal-Twinkle, Tr. Vijay Modi-Sapna were the Lucky Guests of the evening!

GuP ShuP and some revelations…

  • Evening started with table’s gup shup and slowly moved on to Childhood and family ..
  • Sapna and Vijay hadn’t met Mridul one to one, neither had Prasun and Mridul met Vijay and Sapna except in socials, The dinner was just what the Doctor Ordered!
  • With Non stop snacks and Chatter flowing, All 6 of us slowly got to know many things about each other families, Friends, Business and Life in General…. 
  • The Twinklers shy at first got along famously within 10 minutes.., Game of Hide and seek broke the ice…and the kids broke the glasses and cutlery playing the game all around the house…


  • Baap re! What Preparations were made by lady of the house Mridul…
  • A 7 course meal , with cuisine ranging from Mumbai to Motihari, Burma to Italy!
  • Burmese kadhi, Baked Veg, Vada pao, Chaat, Pulao, Matar Kulcha…………………..the list goes on

An evening with Friends…

  • In the end it turned out to be a memorable evening with Old friends made new and new ones made old….

Fork 1

Reported by : Tr. Sanjay Porwal

Blind School Visit on 18th Feb, 2013 – JHRT 185

JHRT had adopted a Blind School situated at Gangauri Bazaar 2 years ago and we have been supporting them in every possible way since then. Going with a tradition of taking these visually impaired students for medical check up to Fortis Hospital, it was followed this year also as there were additions of around 20 students to the school.

The lead was taken by Arti Handi wife of Tr. Manoj Handa as students were carefully examined by doctors at Fortis and they were given prescriptions as per the condition of their eye sight, among these students 2 students were such who doctors felt could see with Spectacles. As per the prescriptions received for all students JHRT had arranged all the respective medicines and also spectacles for the 2 students and visited the Blind Home today to provide these students the same.

The manager was handed over the medicines with their respective prescriptions and the student was made to were his spectacles and he could see clearly after that….it was an amazing experience for all of us as this had been done last year also we shall strive to make this a long term community service project.

Special mentions for Arti Handa for her impeccable follow up towards the School.

Same Snap Shots of the visit Today.


Report Compiled by
Glmf Tr. Vijay Johar

Blind Car Rally held on 3rd Feb, 2013 – CRT 216

Greetings from CRT 216!!!

Please find enclosed herewith the Report on Blind Car Rally held on 03rd February,2013 at Chandigarh.

This event was the dream of CRT since the starting of the Tabling Year 2012-13.This event was special as the focus was not Just Fund Raising but also Gathering Publicity and placing CRT on the Tricity Map.The event was professionally managed by CRT Team as many people inquired us to which Professional Agency we have hired to conduct the rally!!!

We were able to invite IG Chandigarh Sh.R.P.Upadhaya as the Guest of Honour to Flag of the  Rally and Sh.Pawan Bansal, Honourable Union minister for Railways as the Chief Guest for the Prize distribution Ceremony. Mr.Bansal was very impressed about the functioning of the Round Table India which is being run by Youngsters between the Age of 18 to 40 and even acknowledged during his speech that the “Politicians should also learn lesson from this Organization and should retire at the Age of 40”.He rather suggested us to make this event as an signature event of our Table as it has given a lot of Confidence and was a Motivational Exercise for the Visually Impaired Children.

We gathered huge publicity for Round Table as it was event was well covered by around 12 Leading Newspapers across the city. Dainik Bhaskar was associated with us as our Media Partner.

We were also able to Rope in TATA Astrum as our Main Sponsor thanks to our Table Mentor Sq Leg Sanjay Bhatia.

Friends this was just possible due to the support and Able Guidance of ULRT 206 and Ahmedabad Tables already conducting such Rallies.

Tr. Atul Gupta
Secretary (2012-13) -CRT 216


“Springwheel 2013” an exciting Scavenger Hunt cum Car Rally on Sunday 24th Feb, 2013 – DURT 229 & DCRT 145

Delhi United Round Table 229, Delhi Cosmo Round Table 145 and Manthan present the biggest Scavenger Hunt cum Car Rally in Delhi on Sunday, 24th feb 930am.

Over 100+ cars participating! 10 grand prizes to be won including trip to S’pore, LCD, iphone etc. Entry Rs.3000/- for 4 ppl which includes lunch and drinks @ Tivoli for 4 people. Hurry and register now! Don’t miss this. Contact me for further info and passes!

Tr. Naynesh Pasari #9810060037

Last date for entry is 22nd Feb, 2013RT & manthan car rally RALLY PAGE 1 1RALLY PAGE 2

Joint Social with DMRT 43 – DMRT 149

On a freezing cold night with heavy fog along with snaking traffic jams, tablers of 149 and 43 braved the hostile conditions to reach Tabler Vishal Gupta’s house for a disco party.

The floor was set for dancing and people were grooving to the retro music.

In order to beat the biting cold people were having drinks and soup to keep themselves warm, whereas some were simply dancing and burning up the floor!!

Good food and warm hospitality made people warm in their hearts and the revelry continued late into the night.

A joint meeting of Table 149 and 43 took place. People wound up at 1:30 am. to head back into fog and were again greeted by long traffic jams!!


New Years Party – DMRT 149

The year was drawing to a close and 149rs decided to bring in the new year with a bang! What an year 2012 was and what an year 2013 promises to be!

10 couples including 7 tablers, 1 HT and 2 sq. legs partied at Kylin Lounge, Vasant Kunj. We were all dressed warmly to combat the Delhi chill bur our energetic performances on the dance floor soon had us peeling off the layers.

Great music set the tone for the evening and DJ soon had us grooving to his beats. Habitual wall flowers were also seen boogeying on the dance floor!!

New year was welcomed with greetings and hugs to spouses and friends. In the zeal of partying we forgot to eat dinner. At 1:00 O’ clock at night twenty hungry people landed up at Tr. Tushar’s house for a late night dinner.

Sq. Leg Anand along with Crs. Aastha and Priya cooked Allo-Puri for the gang. The food vanished in no time at all, Leaving everyone satiated and Tushar’s drawing room and kitchen – a mess. At 4:00 a.m. in the morning people finally bid adieu to each other and reluctantly left for home.

A perfect way to greet the new year with friends and great comaraderie. May we see many more such evenings keeping alive this bond!  

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Republic Day Celebration at RTBKI School on 26th Jan, 2013 – DMRT 149

Tr’s Tushar, Kapil, Yogi, Guest Pankaj, Crs Aastha and Priya visited RTBKIS on 26th Jan to celebrate Republic Day.

It was the annual day of the school and the principal Mishraji had meticulously organised the entire event. Indian flag was unfurled and National Anthem was sung to start the programme. Children of different classes across all ages performed on stage. The acts were as varied as dance and yoga. Children put up a very good show! There was prize distribution ceremony for the toppers of the previous academic year. Certificates and trophies were presented to all meritorious students.

Chairmen Kapil and Chairperson Priya addressed the gathering and encouraged the students to work hard as they are the future of the country.

To mark this occasion Mishraji had also organised an eye camp in association with Mahaveer Hospital. He encouraged the children to donate eyes and stressed the great virtue of doing so.

Doctors present at the school enlightened the students about the procedure of eye donation and stressed upon the service to society this noble act entails.

Tr Yogi gave principal Mishraji Rs. 11,000 on behalf of the table to mark this occasion. The entire Republic day celebrations left all the visiting tablers and circlers well satisfied with achievements of the school and its students.

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My day one at NLC, Banagalore – DRT 5


It’s 3am in the wee hours , but excitment of d past few days regarding the program was catching up and therefore on due date I was wide awake. Had booked myself on 6am
flight to Bangalore and was about to start my journey when suddenly at 4:30 am I could listen to my mom’s frantic calls. It jerked me out of my reverie and I ran to c my father breathing heavily. Soon the doctor was called for his medical assistance. After making sure of my dad’s health and on his insistence I was able to catch my flight as there was a dilemma whether to go or stay back.

On my arrival at the airport I started feeling better and excited once again for Bangalore. But weather gods were not so kind as our flight was delayed for 6 hours due to heavy fog in Delhi. Being an eternal optimistic myself i Made judicious use of dis time by employing myself in getting to know my fellow passengers. Also it gave me an opportunity to observe d functioning of Our airports closely, and eventually I realized it is not as complicated as it seems to be.

Finally aircraft takes of and with out any further delays i landed at the Bangalore airport.
I was ready for the “Gyan Kumbh” and was looking forward to meet my teachers and my co-students.

A very good and useful session on “knowledge sharing” by prof Verma from IIM Ahmedabad. He enlightened us why n how is sharing of knowledge is imp not only from the tabling point of view bt also in our personnel n professional life.

Dots n cross game by Himanshu, it was really fun n what I learned out of it is to listen to the instruction before u start anything and should gain even out off the competition.

Vineet n Hemu were then attacked by all participants by there parliamentary n non parliamentary questions. it was a useful session as we got to know answers to different questions like: time management, conflict resolution, how to handle tablers with difference in opinion, most importantly how to tackle wife ( thanks to wife silence machine)

Its party time now—– but naren our HDR convener is always on the move. this time he assigned us the task to prepare a advertisement for most desirable machine of this world- “wife silence machine”. Our team managed to prepare an award winning add on a short notice.

finally its card time…..everybody having fun sitting together and playing cards.

what a day it was. full of excitement, full of up’s and downs. surely i will not forget this day for years to come.


“GOA” 5th Jan to 10th Jan, 2013 – DMRT 149

6 tablers of DMRT-149 alongwith their families embarked for Goa for our annual out station trip – A contingent of 23 people !! and all the makings of an exciting and fun filled holiday!

Leaving behind the freezing cold weather of Delhi for warm and sunny Goa was a trip everyone was looking forward too.

The fellowship started at the airport itself with the group having breakfast together. This was followed by mad scrambling for seats by twinkelers to be sitting besides their friends.

What a relief it was to reach Goa and to be welcomed by warm sea breeze which set the mood for days ahead! We checked into the hotel and kids were assigned a large suite for just themselves where they were masters of their own domain.

What followed were lazy days of the beach, end less binging and non stop booze. Flea markets, beach hopping, Spas, shopping, water sports we did it all!!

One of the highlights of the trip was a water polo match between 149 tablers and russian tourists at the hotel pool. It was very competitive in nature and 149 tablers despite their bravado and best efforts were trounced completely. Despite being beaten it was never the less an experience and an opportunity to remember. As all good things come to an end, so did our Goa trip. We reluctantly packed our bags for Delhi with being greeted to a cold reception at back of our minds.

Great trip were the bonds of friendship were further enhanced and we were left wanting for more!! 

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