Sambhar Bhoomi Poojan – JPRT 171

JPRT171 eyes and JRT 233 vision, true synonyms of each other laid the foundation for a beautiful school project for deprived kids at sambhar.

Poor workers work in most harsh and unorganized conditions at samhar area, their kids suffering to the most with least care and education as an unseen dream.

JPRT 171 and JRT 233 decided to stand for this most urgent cause.

 It’s a project of 5 classrooms and 1 toilet block.

 We are starting with 2 classrooms in the First Phase.

 It was overwhelming to see the support that was bestowed to us by  AREA V.

 AC. Tr. Mohit Arya ,National Project Convenor Tr. Tushar Agarwal, Area Mentor Ravi Baid, Tr  Amit Gupta, Tr. Mayank Maheshwari , NHT Tr. Pankaj Vats, we’re there to brick the foundation ,besmearing us with  their selfless love.

 From auspicious Puja ceremony to kachoris and lassie, participation and belonginess could be felt and witnessed to the truth of this words.

 Thank you round table  for creating substance in us to work for humanity.

 Pictures and media report attached in the email.

 Quote – ” we are exploring the human in us, now we are more human”

 Tablers of JPRT171: Tr. Sameer Bhargava, Tr. Rajat Bohra, Tr. Gaurav Shah, Tr Ankur Palubala , Ht. Ravi Goenka and Tr. Umesh Agarwal and Tablers of JRT233 Tr. Keshav lakhotia,Tr. Saurabh Sharma, Tr. Amit Jain,Tr. Deepak Baid,Tr. Kapil singh,Tr. Vaibhav Gupta, Tr. Ashutoosh Bajoria & Ankoorh Agarwal

Reported by Tr. Ankoorh Agarwal Chairman JRT 233.
Tr. Rajat Bohra
JPRT 171


Report on “Spark T3” Lucknow, 2013 – LRT 188

Trainers – Tr. Narender Agarwal & HT Punit Sampat

(National LAPD Convener)

Hosted by Lucknow Tigers Round Table – 207

Report compiled by Tr. Nikhil Ailawadi – Ludhiana Round Table LRT-188

image 1

Members of Spark 2013


I must start this report with a mention that I am very new to Tabling. However, during my short time in this wonderful fraternity, I have heard many a times from fellow Tablers that the “true spirit and fun” of Tabling is witnessed at the AREA, National and International level. That is where the magic flows.

SPARK – 2013 – Train the Trainers was my first rendezvous with a National Tabling event and I am so glad to have been a part of it. Through this short report I have tried to capture the essence of the program and the three days well spent at Lucknow.

25th April 2013 – Since the program was to start early on 26th morning, most of us had made our travel arrangement to arrive at Lucknow a day before. The evening was spent shopping for the famous Lucknowi Chikan suits, soaking in the sights and sounds of the busy market place and mingling with fellow participants from all over the country over casual chit chat. The day ended with a sumptuous dinner organized at Clarks Avadh in a relaxed outdoor setting, perfect to soothe the aching feet and a great energizer for next day’s action.  

image 2

6th April 2013

Business: To be honest, since the aim of the program was to produce the next generation of Trainers for RTI, I came prepared for long sessions of GYAN, overdose of academics and a rigid (read boring) curriculum. On the contrary, the 1st session on the 1st day started with everyone in the conference room dancing to the tune of a famous Bollywood number led by our coach Tr. Narender Agarwal and HT Punit Sampat. The mood was set and all of us knew that the learning over the next 3 days was going to be super fun.

The difficult job of remembering all names was made easy thanks to a hilarious exercise. We were all asked to add a funny adjective to each participant’s name. At the end of this exercise one became “VIBRATOR Vineet” and others “RASCALLA Rishi”. The names stuck through the duration of the program and I am sure for life.

The emphasis of the pre lunch session of day one was to impart theoretical knowledge of what it takes to be a great public speaker. We covered various aspects of the skill set required – body language, confidence, eye contact, communication etc. We also covered the ingredients that go into making of a good training module – goal settings, impactful opening, setting of ground rules, expectation audit, conclusion etc.

Post lunch session on day one brought all of us straight into action. This is when we moved from one activity to the other and were asked to make impromptu speeches and presentations on random topics. Each participant was provided with a feedback of their strengths & constructive critical review.

image 3


By the end of the session on day one, the butterflies in our stomachs had disappeared & there was place for food. We divided ourselves into two groups as vegetarians and non-vegetarians and off we went into the streets of Lucknow to savour the local speciality of “Tunda Kebabs” and “Lucknowi Chaat”. The food was a delight!

image 4

Back at the hotel we all convened for a casual fellowship dinner where we were asked to prepare a short skit in about 10 minutes. Four teams made wonderful and hilarious presentations but the highlight of the evening was the stellar performance of Tr. Harmeet Singh Sethi from CPRT 34 who stole the show with his extraordinary acting and talent.

image 5

27th April 2013


After the energetic activities of the first day of training, we were all set in our new, bright and beautiful Orange (Spark –TTT) T-shirts waiting for the session to start. Coaching on the second day was provided by Ms. Sarah Henry, a facilitator from “Dale Carnaige Training”. After another round of innovative introductions, the charming lady took us on an exciting test of the previous days learning through competitive participation.

The entire day was divided into grueling session of coaching, interaction and overcoming the fear of speaking in public. The highlight was a group presentation where we were stretched out of our comfort zones, tested on patience by deliberate attempts to get us off balance while making a presentation. The idea was for us to understand and appreciate the fact that in public speaking, there will be frequent disruptions to your thought-flow. The essence is to handle such disruptions well.

Towards the end of the session, Sarah Henry created the “Spark of The Day” when she asked each participant to appreciate one person in the room, backed by evidence and future prospects of the individual. It was heartening to hear such genuine praise from fellow participants for all of us.

image 6


  • The 2nd Day started with a few of us joining Tr. Sandeep Harbhajanka’s (CMRT-41) pool fitness class at the hotel swimming pool. Though it was quite early in the morning, the energy levels were to be seen to believe.

  • Toward the end of the day’s session there was a surprise in store for the chairman of our host table Tr Suyash Kapur (LTRT 207). Fellow tablers joined by Suyash’s lovely wife Divya had organized a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Suyash and Divya. There were happy faces to be seen all around the room but none happier than Suyashs’ cake smeared smile.image 7

    • Action in the evening shifted to the joint social organized for all of us by the two tables of Lucknow. The party was organized at “Blues D Lounge” a perfect place for the tablers to unwind after a hectic day. After the formal table meeting of LTRT 207, we got into the mood to grove and dance to the tunes of the DJ.

    • There was music, wine and lip smacking food and the presence of the Chairperson of “Ladies Circle India” Cr. Ramya Rajesh added to the charm of the evening. The show-stopper of the evening was the beautiful “jacket with 150 international pins” brought in by the tablers of LRT-188 (Ludhiana). Over the course of the evening the jacket was worn proudly by many tablers.

    • Dance till you drop seemed to be the theme of the night and close to 1.15a.m. We left to hit the sack after a wonderful party.image 8image 9

      28th April 2013


      Throughout the course duration, our coaches Tr. Naren and HT Punit had one mantra for all of us. “Work Hard – Party Harder – Then again Work Hard”. True to this mantra, as we were gearing up to attend the Social hosted by the Lucknow tablers for us on 27th evening, we were formed into 5 groups and given topics for preparing a 10 minutes presentation for the next morning. So yes day three was all about the groups making the presentation that they had been preparing:

      • Before going to the party on 27th evening

      • During the party

      • 2 am on 28th morning after coming back from the party

      • 7 am onwards on 28th morning while they were tipsy and hung over.

      We were thoroughly tested in this presentation to see if we had been able to grasp the knowledge imparted to us during the course of the program. The program ended with each tabler getting a certificate of participation and ready to walk the path as facilitator/trainer/coach in all aspects of life.image 10


      While all of us were busy preparing for the final presentation on the last day, Tr. Manoj Chanani (CRT-137) to his credit took time out (he definitely has 25 hours in a day) to prepare a small pictorial presentation of our days spent at SPARK TTT-2013 captured through the lens of his SLR. This walk down the memory lane proved to be an icing on the cake and a perfect end to our time at Lucknow.

      A Big THANK-YOU

      • Tr. Narender Agarwal & HT Punit Sampat for being a wonderful mentor, coach, trainer and above all a great friend.

      • The entire team of Lucknow Tigers Round Table – 207 for their wonderful hospitality.

      • My fellow sparkles for great fun, learning and fellowship. You all ROCK!

“SPARK” T3 a huge success – LAPD Team RTI

Greetings from LAPD TEAM RTI !

LAPD TEAM is overwhelmed with the great success of recently concluded SPARK – T3 at Vizag and Lucknow. We are humbled with the active participation of the hosts at Vizag and Lucknow, the Participants, Dale Carnegie Institute and the trainers team.

To mention a few people and their efforts that went a long way to determine the success of the programme :

SPARK T3 – Lucknow

Tr. Suyash Kapur  and Tr. Anubhav Dayal : They were instrumental in getting Spark to Lucknow and with their conviction won the bid over three major host centre in fray. Their Meticulous planning and warm hospitality put all the participants at ease from the word go….

Lucknow Tigers RT 207 : All the tablers , Circlers, ladies of LTRT 207 who extended teh spark team a very warm welcome and made us feel at home. Not to mention the Tunda Kebabs, Affeem Chai, Alu Chaat Bhandaar and Chikan Shopping…

Lucknow RT 136 : For co-hosting the Blue Lagoon Party and also inviting the entire spark team to your BM…

Tr. Aditya Murti : Area 8 Chairmen : For hosting Spark T3 in your area and being a wonderfull host and a mentor..

Tr. Punit Sampat : For being an excellent mentor / facilitator / entertainer / teacher  and everything he could be in those 3 days. We had a terrific time and learnt a lot from you punit…

Miss Sarah Henry : Facilitator from Dale Carnegie institute who was instrumental in getting all the participants out of their comfort zone and giving those valueable tips. Your efforts will go a long way to mark the success of RTI LAPD Team.

25 Sparkians : All the showcased extreme desire to learn and grasp as much as possible from this programme. We had a full house in which all 25 invitees from the president were present inside the conference. They took all the beatings from the trainers, were thrown and tossed around, subjected to late night parties and extreme late night after party case study prepartions and still be ready in conference room at 9.30 AM. Great spirit , great learnings, great bonding for life

Spark T3 Vizag

Tr. Sandeep Choudhary and Tr. Deepak Menda : Two most energetic guys who actually fought with the LAPD TEAM to get Spark to Vizag and what a great decision it turned out to be. Sandeep and Deepak were at their best with all the preparations , teasers and ofcourse warm hospitality.

Vizag RT 77 : All the tablers , circlers and ladies of VRT 77 to extend a so very warm welcome and hospitality to Saprkians.

Tr. Chari Macha : For being a great mentor facilitator / mentor / guide to all sparkians. Chari Thanks for actually making SPARK T3 Happen …..

Tr. Deepak Menda : Despite his so very busy schedule as NST, still taking out time and actually facilitating the Spark for all three days. LAPD Team Salutes you Deepak….

Mr. Aditya Meesala  : Facilitator from dale Carnegie who was insightfull in his modules and gave away huge take away to the participants.

Sparkians Vizag : Wonderfull audience , fabulous group and amazing bonding. The future of LAPD TEAM looks bright. and wish them all the best coming events as trainers

I would like to specially thank 2 people who have been a great help and source of Inspiration to me ( Behind the curtains )

Mr. Dwain Newbigg : From Dale Carnegie Institute , who has been in constant touch with me to ensure the success of both the programmes. I am sure that RTI and Dale will tie up many more times in future.

Tr. Vineet Parikh : Our lovely president, who gave me a complete free hand in arranging the entire show. When I said ” Vineet I think I will overshoot my budget of LAPD ” .. he replied in his cool style ” KAR LENGE na Sir ,,, don’t worry go ahead …. ho jayega na …. ” and we did it … PROUD TO HAVE A PRESIDENT LIKE YOU..

Signing off for now and will be back soon with a bigger event …..

Small things made a big difference …
Tr. Narender Agarwal
National LAPD Convenor

Wild Party theme social on 22nd Apr, 2013 – JRT

Jrts  initiative to unify tabling, we stand as one  .

We had our 4th social hosted by Tr. Robin Setia and Tr. Kapil Singh on April 22, 2013 at Wassup lounge.

The WILD PARTY theme was very apt and the hosts made sure everybody had a wild and a great time. The evening started at 7pm with the entire contingent there by around 8. People came out dressed wildly and in accordance with the theme. The host along with their wives set up a lovely booth for some wild skirts, caps, hunter hats and swashbuckling neck and head pieces.

The bar was open for all. Single malt, Black Label, Vodka and Beer were consumed in abundance. The lip smacking snacks complemented the free flowing booze.

Both the host tablers’ and their wives created a very friendly and interactive atmosphere and got everybody dancing to some thumping music. The musical hat game was super fun and everybody participated and had a great time.

We invited Tablers from all the tables of Jaipur to grace n nourish us.

JA lavish buffet spread was laid outside. The tasty food with the lovely weather was the high point of the night.

The party continued late into the night. We all tablers had a lot of fun and also interacted with tablers from other tables.

Kudos to the hosts for a great party!!

Tabler’s from other tables who graced our social 
Rajat Bohra
Dr. Gaurav Shah
Manish Kasliwal
Sanjay Porwal
Vijay Johar
Harsh Lahoty

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