Joint Annual AGM with LIRT202 & LLC110 and rain dance party on 27th Jul, 2013 – LRT 188

LRT-188 witnessed a grand table AGM on 27-july-13 at F2 raceway, South City, Ludhiana. The event was a joint AGM with LIRT-202 and LLC-110. The area observer at the AGM was AST Tr. Rishi Arora. AGM was followed by a energetic rain dance party which was also a joint social with LIRT-202 and CRT-216.


Table AGM is undoubtedly the biggest event in any table’s calendar. Not only is it super fun, it provides the table a wonderful opportunity to recap & celebrate the year gone by. At the same time it is a platform for the incoming team to highlight their plans for the table in the year ahead.
LRT-188, LIRT-202 & LLC-110 organized a joint AGM on 27-July-2013 at F2 Raceway, South City Ludhiana.

Jont Annual AGM 1

The AGM began with a spirited welcome by master of ceremonies Tr. Naren Agarwal and Cr. Shweta Gupta. This was followed by a wonderful dance sequence performed by the members of LLC-110 Cr. Shivani Gupta (ACP Elect Area-5), Cr. Mallika Gupta (CP LLC-110), Cr. Bhavika Gupta (IPC LLC-110)

Jont Annual AGM 2

After the AGM was called to order, Area Observer AST Tr. Rishi Arora & NHT Puneet Gupta were requested to sing the Round Table India song. This was followed by LLC-110 members singing the Ladies Circle of India song.

In his presentation to the floor to highlight the table activities of 2012-13, outgoing chairman LRT-188 Tr. Rishi Gupta encapsulated the year gone by extremely well. There was a special presentation on the “Blind Man Car Drive” which was presented by Tr. Jitesh Jain, the convenor of the event.Jont Annual AGM 3

LRT-188 bid goodbye to one of its star members Tr. Jaideep Anand (JD) who became a square leg as he turned 40 years. Chairman Anand Gupta made a delightful presentation on the tabling life of JD. Greetings and wishes flowed from across the tabling centers of India for JD including from Ex NP
– Tr. Himanshu and HT Punit Sampat. JD called it a day with his signature “JD dance”.

In his address to the gathering AST – Rishi Arora – Area Observer commended LRT-188, LIRT-202 and LLC-110 for organizing a grand AGM. He said that when you are in Punjab, you know it is going to be a grand affair Punjabi style. Tr. Manu Bhasker (sergeant) had the floor in splits with his act.Jont Annual AGM 4

Tr. Amit Jain – Chairman CRT-216 thanked LRT-188 for inaugurating their table. On behalf of his table, he also presented mementos to the chairpersons of LRT-188, LIRT-202 & LLC-110.Jont Annual AGM 5


LRT-188, LIRT-202 organized a joint social along with CRT-216 after their AGM on 27.7.13 to celebrate the year gone by. Others present to be a part of the bash were Area 5 AST Tr. Rishi Arora and NHT Puneet Gupta. The party started after the culmination of AGM and went on till wee hours of 28.7.13. Here are some pictures from the wet, wild and drunk night. Jont Annual AGM 6

Uttarakhand calamity relief project update – DRT 51

UK Flood 1

The relief material received from over the country was collected at Tr. Harry Mann’s house. The
relief material consisted of some essential goods that were meant for immediate distribution.
This relief material was sent for distribution as under;

UK Flood 2

Two Tempo loads of relief material was loaded from Tr Harry Mann’s place to be sent to the
Uttarakhand Disaster Relief Organisation at the Maharana Pratap Sports Academy.
UK Flood 3

Two Tempo of relief material was handed over for distribution to the Uttarakhand Disaster Relief
Organisation through its Nodal officer, Secretary MDDA Mr. Tiwari at Maharana Paratap Sports
Mr. GC Bhatt AE MDDA seen in the picture taking the stuff from DRT 51 Secretary Tr. Guneet
Singh Rajan and Tr Shobit Mohan Rastogi. He also congratulated RTI for the splendid relief work.
DRT 51 Helping the flood affected victimsat ‘Ground Zero’ by joining hand with the organisation
of one of its Tablers, “Shivalik Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd”.UK Flood 4

A joint relief project with Tr. Shobit Goel’s company ‘ Shivalik Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd.’ was carried out
and Relief material distributed to the needy.

Prepared By;
Tr. Guneet Singh Rajan Secretary DRT 51 (2013-2014)


Eye check-up camp with LLC110 on 9th Aug, 2013 – LRT 188

LLC-110 and LRT-188 jointly organized an Eye Check-Up Camp on 09-aug-2013. “Vasan Eye Care Center, Ludhiana” partnered us in this initiative.

Dear Friends,
It’s a great honour to share with you the details of a community project that LRT-188 & LLC-110
organized on 9-Aug-13. We organized an Eye Check-Up Camp, in collaboration with “Vasan Eye
Care Centre”. Tablers of Ludhiana Round Table 188, Circlers of LLC 110, Twinklers and our friends
(approx. 25 people) gained the benefit by attending this camp.

Each and every one was attended to personally by a team of talented Doctors and Eye Specialists.
The state of the art facility at Vasan Eye Care was available to all of us at no cost, courtesy Vasan
Eye Care Center. A lecture about Eye Care was given by Dr. Ajay to all the participants.

The thing that I want to share the most, which is also an EYE OPENER for a lot of us,  is The
Shocking Number of Weak Eyes which would have gone undetected for a long time. So was the
case even with some young kids. So, when the Doctor recommended Glasses to them, it came as
a BIG SHOCK!! I am also one of them and it is real hard for me to digest the news, though my
number is mild.

So friends, it is a sincere appeal to please get up and get this vital checkup done, because YOU

Thanks to chairperson LLC-110 Cr. Mallika Gupta & Chairman LRT-188 Anand Gupta, who initiated
this effort. A big Thank You to the entire team of LRT-188 and LLC-110 for their tremendous

Your friends forever,
Cr. Charu Agarwal,
Blog and Rendezvous Convenor LLC-110,

Eye Camp 1

Buddha Bar Social on 9th Aug, 2013 – DDRT 157

Tr. Aditya and Shradha Khemka hosted a social in B Bar, Select City Walk Mall, Saket, New Delhi on August 9th 2013. The social coincided with the birthday of Cr. Madhurima Daga. The social began with a cake cutting ceremony and soon the night turned into a wonderful party with drinks and food flowing. There were 14 couples present including tablers, HT’s, Sq legs and guests from Area V.

social 1

Twinkler’s workshop held on 10th Aug, 2013 – NDRT 24

Dear Friends

Please find attached a well compiled report by Tr Ashwani Mangla (twinklers convenor) and his better half Mamta Mangla on twinklers workshop about our country’s independence. They were shown an audio visual clip educating them about our independence followed by a workshop and cool kite flying session. It was indeed a qualitative workshop which our twinklers enjoyed immensely.

Friendship day celebration – LRT 188

Theme for the day was decided as “neon shades”. And on a fresh, rainy Sunday morning, dressed to the theme with twinklers in tow gathered LRTians at MOCHA, Ludhiana to celebrate
“Friendship Day”. Sumptuous food perfectly complimented the light mood, the jokes & giggles
and the usual leg pulling.
Tr. Amit Gupta and Cr. Bhavika Gupta played perfect hosts and made the tablers and circlers play
some interesting games. One of the absolutely hilarious games required the husband to draw
alphabets using their bums while the wife had to guess the alphabet. Couple with the maximum
score in one minute won. Tr. Manu Bhasker and Cr. Nandita Bhasker won this game hands down.
We now know Manu’s hidden talents!!!!!
Here are some pictures from the lovely day.Friendship day celebration 1 Friendship day celebration 2 Friendship day celebration 3

“Aaja Nache Le” social – BURT 184


And some of our breathtaking moments were, when we giggled like anything at
our Social – AAJA NACH LE.
Subsequent to BURT 184’s AGM, we had a fellowship which was organized and
hosted by Sq. leg. Mitul Garg, Tr. Ankur Nahar, Tr. Ankit Sharma, Tr. Aadarsh
Maheshwari, & Tr.Prakhar Garg . The event was swarmed at Hotel Radiance, with
a Punjabi theme followed by an entertaining rain dance.Aaja Nach Le 1

The fun-filled event included our welcome with dhol dhamaka. Hotel Radiance
was rehabilitated into a village of Punjab. We prearranged a tractor filled with dry
grass to give it the sense of a village of Punjab and we snapped numbers of
pictures. The kudiya’s were donning a Punjabi salwar suit and the mundas were
wearing kurta and denims. Even our twinklers were affiliated with the Punjabi
theme.Aaja Nach Le 2

A punjabi theme cannot be incomplete without it’s yummy and delicious food. So
keeping in mind with our theme the hosts arranged the food accordingly. All
enjoyed full to drinking with their daru desis. Also I am sure everyone after the
event had a hangover.Aaja Nach Le 3

The best part of the event was that it continued till 4am. And more interestingly ,
it ended up with the morning tea and biscuits. Everyone jazzed , tapped and hopped bindass to the amazing Jugaalbandi between the 5 punjaabi Dholz and dominant Dj with thanda thanda cool-cool rain pouring on them.Aaja Nach Le 4

No words can define our enjoyment and fun we had that night. I am sure that
everybody enjoyed our Punjabi tadka with splendid Rain Dance.
Really when you think of memories you’ve made with Friends, those
memories Becomes Treasures. And they make us chuckle when we look at the
events what went before.
Lucky to have you all, friends…!!!

Birthday of Tr. Mayank Khemka on 23rd July, 2013 – DWRT 50

Members of DWRT50, organised a surprise birthday party for Tr. Mayank Khemka in Greater Kailash -2 , New delhi . it was a welcome surprise for him , since this is just his 10 month in tabling, first birthday as a tabler and with tablers. The party Started at 9:30 PM with all the tablers joining in to wish him. Cake cutting was followed by some cake facial for Mayank, and then some birthday bumps by all the tablers. The party continued till mind night.

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Twinkler Kabeer’s 1st Birthday on 17th July, 2013 – DWRT 50

Birthday of Twinkler Kabeer Chellani, Son of Vineet- Pia Chellani

Date : 17th July 2013, Venue : Demarks, Gurgaon.

Members of DWRT50 attended the birthday of twinker Kabeer who turned 1 this year. It was a fantastic party and the hosts greeted everyone with a warm welcome. Cake cutting was followed by Drinks and Dance. 

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