The 14th Annual General Meeting of Round Table 157 & 5th AGM of the Ladies Circle 121 was held jointly on 18th July 2015 at Hotel Taj, Dwarka, New Delhi.  The AGM was followed by fellowship and overnight stay in the hotel.

The AGM proceedings started with the lighting of the Lamp by Chairman of DDRT 157 Tr. Nitin Aggarwal, IPC Area V LMF Tr. Prashant Agarwal, Area V Observer AVC Tr. Ritesh Bansal, Chairperson DDLC 121 Cr. Preeti Jatia, Secretary DDLC 121 & NVP LCI GLMF Cr. Prachi Aggarwal and LC Area V Observer Past Cr. Priya Agarwal.

The AGM was attended by Tablers, Circlers, HT’s, Sq. leg’s of DDRT family along with special guests Area V Chairman Tr. Chirag Sethi , Area V Observer AVC Tr. Ritesh Bansal, Area V LC Observer Past Circler Priya Agarwal, Past Circler Ekta Rai etc. The AGM hall was packed with friendship showing all around.

The AGM convener was Tr. Gaurav Jhunjhunwala, who incidentally is only a 3 month old tabler, but was managing the AGM preparations like a seasoned pro with help from Tr. Nitin Agarwal and Tr. Akhilesh Jatia.

Chairman Tr. Nitin Agarwal appointed Tr. Shashank Bansal to act as secretary for the AGM. The AGM proceedings commenced and progressed without any glitches under the able guidance of the chairman and the secretary.

GLMF DDRT 157 bid adieu to 3 tablers this year when Tr. Aditya Khemka, Tr. Karan Jain and Tr. Sidharth Todi retired after years of being active tablers. Chairman Tr. Nitin Agarwal presented the retiring tablers gifts along with the RTI plaque and letter as a toke of appreciation on behalf of the table.

AVC Ritesh Bansal congratulated DDRT 157 for the wonderful and eventful year gone by and motivated for the coming year under his Area Chairmanship.

Area 5 Chairman Chirag Sethi recognized DDRT 157 for their constant endeavors and congratulated Tr.Prashant Agarwal for his third time ChairDSC_2714manship for the year 2015-16.

Outgoing Chairman Tr.Nitin Aggarwal invited incoming chairman LMF Tr.Prashant Agarwal and handed over the Jewel to him. LMF Tr.Prashant Agarwal accepted the Jewel and took over the role of Chairman of GLMF DDRT 157 for the year 2015-16.

Chairman LMF Tr. Prashant Agarwal introduced his team for the year 2015-16 as following:

  • IPC            : Tr. Nitin Aggarwal 
  • Secretary : Tr. Shashank Bansal
  • Vice Chairman : Tr. Aakash Goyal 
  • Treasurer : Tr. Gaurav Jhunjhnuwala.

Chairman LMF Tr. Prashant Agarwal thanked the outgoing team for their Nautanki theme fun-filled fellowships through out the year and congratulated DSC_2734the Dynamic family and thanked for all the support. He promised more bonding, fellowship, Internal Extensions, completion of the school project and progress in other facets of tabling in this year.  He also announced that the second block of the
coming up in Palam Vihar will be ready for inauguration in August 2015.

The intense informative meeting was followed by lunch with all the families together. In order to continue the monsoon flavor, swimming was the best activity for the group to get along in the evening. After a short break, the team got together to celebrate the onset of the new year with dance, masti and non-stop fun.

Thus the AGM DSC_2729marking the end of the Nautanki year ended with loads of fun and promise of an even better year to come.

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