Stone Laying of New 3 Classrooms Project on 10th Jul, 2013 – DMRT 149

Dear All

Please find attach report on New Project undertaken by DMRT149 jointly with DMLC89.

Under this project we are constructing a new floor comprising of 3 Classrooms and 1 Toilet Block at RTBKI. Total Cost of Construction is more than Rs 15 Lacs.

Stone Lying Ceremony for New Project at RTBKIS Construction of New Block (3 Class Rooms +1 Toilet Block)

3 class rooms 13 class rooms 23 class rooms 3

Joint Social with DMRT 43 – DMRT 149

On a freezing cold night with heavy fog along with snaking traffic jams, tablers of 149 and 43 braved the hostile conditions to reach Tabler Vishal Gupta’s house for a disco party.

The floor was set for dancing and people were grooving to the retro music.

In order to beat the biting cold people were having drinks and soup to keep themselves warm, whereas some were simply dancing and burning up the floor!!

Good food and warm hospitality made people warm in their hearts and the revelry continued late into the night.

A joint meeting of Table 149 and 43 took place. People wound up at 1:30 am. to head back into fog and were again greeted by long traffic jams!!


New Years Party – DMRT 149

The year was drawing to a close and 149rs decided to bring in the new year with a bang! What an year 2012 was and what an year 2013 promises to be!

10 couples including 7 tablers, 1 HT and 2 sq. legs partied at Kylin Lounge, Vasant Kunj. We were all dressed warmly to combat the Delhi chill bur our energetic performances on the dance floor soon had us peeling off the layers.

Great music set the tone for the evening and DJ soon had us grooving to his beats. Habitual wall flowers were also seen boogeying on the dance floor!!

New year was welcomed with greetings and hugs to spouses and friends. In the zeal of partying we forgot to eat dinner. At 1:00 O’ clock at night twenty hungry people landed up at Tr. Tushar’s house for a late night dinner.

Sq. Leg Anand along with Crs. Aastha and Priya cooked Allo-Puri for the gang. The food vanished in no time at all, Leaving everyone satiated and Tushar’s drawing room and kitchen – a mess. At 4:00 a.m. in the morning people finally bid adieu to each other and reluctantly left for home.

A perfect way to greet the new year with friends and great comaraderie. May we see many more such evenings keeping alive this bond!  

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Republic Day Celebration at RTBKI School on 26th Jan, 2013 – DMRT 149

Tr’s Tushar, Kapil, Yogi, Guest Pankaj, Crs Aastha and Priya visited RTBKIS on 26th Jan to celebrate Republic Day.

It was the annual day of the school and the principal Mishraji had meticulously organised the entire event. Indian flag was unfurled and National Anthem was sung to start the programme. Children of different classes across all ages performed on stage. The acts were as varied as dance and yoga. Children put up a very good show! There was prize distribution ceremony for the toppers of the previous academic year. Certificates and trophies were presented to all meritorious students.

Chairmen Kapil and Chairperson Priya addressed the gathering and encouraged the students to work hard as they are the future of the country.

To mark this occasion Mishraji had also organised an eye camp in association with Mahaveer Hospital. He encouraged the children to donate eyes and stressed the great virtue of doing so.

Doctors present at the school enlightened the students about the procedure of eye donation and stressed upon the service to society this noble act entails.

Tr Yogi gave principal Mishraji Rs. 11,000 on behalf of the table to mark this occasion. The entire Republic day celebrations left all the visiting tablers and circlers well satisfied with achievements of the school and its students.

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“GOA” 5th Jan to 10th Jan, 2013 – DMRT 149

6 tablers of DMRT-149 alongwith their families embarked for Goa for our annual out station trip – A contingent of 23 people !! and all the makings of an exciting and fun filled holiday!

Leaving behind the freezing cold weather of Delhi for warm and sunny Goa was a trip everyone was looking forward too.

The fellowship started at the airport itself with the group having breakfast together. This was followed by mad scrambling for seats by twinkelers to be sitting besides their friends.

What a relief it was to reach Goa and to be welcomed by warm sea breeze which set the mood for days ahead! We checked into the hotel and kids were assigned a large suite for just themselves where they were masters of their own domain.

What followed were lazy days of the beach, end less binging and non stop booze. Flea markets, beach hopping, Spas, shopping, water sports we did it all!!

One of the highlights of the trip was a water polo match between 149 tablers and russian tourists at the hotel pool. It was very competitive in nature and 149 tablers despite their bravado and best efforts were trounced completely. Despite being beaten it was never the less an experience and an opportunity to remember. As all good things come to an end, so did our Goa trip. We reluctantly packed our bags for Delhi with being greeted to a cold reception at back of our minds.

Great trip were the bonds of friendship were further enhanced and we were left wanting for more!! 

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Halloween Fellowship – DMRT 149

Spooky, pumpkins, Scray, bats, trick or treat was all there at Tablers Amit & Tushar’s Holloween Get Together held on 31.10.2012 at Tabler Amit’s Roof Top.

It was attended by NBS students Visiting India Area -5, fellow tablers of 149 and guests of our table and Tabler Prashant Aggarwal of 157.

Cr. Priya & Cr. Shivani had taken great pains over the decorations and their efforts added greatly to the ambience.

Twinkler games such as “Jumping for donuts” “eye ball toss”, etc. were organised to keep the twinklers busy.

Everybody came dressed in the spirit of Holloween with devil mask being a hot favourite. Even the Twinklers entered full fledged into the spirit of Holloween and were dressed as little angels and devils.

What followed was an evening of great rejoycing, fellowship, camaraderie accompanied by great food and hospitality of the hosts. It enabled of tablers 149 to interact with NBS students on one to one basis and thereby form everlasting bonds of friendship. Indefatigable Tablers and Circlers of Holloween family continued the fellowship by playing cards, welcoming Diwali late into night.

halloween 1

“Desert Dhun” – DMRT 149

Great Music, Awesome Ambience and Scrumptious food – An evening to remember. The music from the dunes of Sahara and their was the flavour of the evening.

This musical extravaganza brought together two world class artists on the same platform. Bombino, from Niger, held the audience spell bond with his dry guitar and The Barmer Boys, from India, with their folksy tunes captured the attention of the crowd.

This event was organised by DRT-5, NDRT-24 & DMRT 149 on 30.11.2012 at Zorba, Mehrauli marking a first musical event of area 5 of this Calibre.

 The event was attended by 80 couples from the entire tabling fraternity of Delhi and their guests.

The evening started off at 8:30 p.m. with Barmer boys taking to the stage. Their folks songs and percussion sounds had the audience tapping their feet. Singer Mangey Khan’s voice needs to the heard to be believed. His voice brings alive the sounds of the desert winds and the dunes. Their music enthralls! The dholak, Khurtal and Morchang set up a foot tapping beat that was the soul of their performance.

Once Bombino came on, the music seemed to flow from all around. The Hendrix of Niger with his unique guitar sounds and singular style of singing had the crowd asking for more. To add to this, the energy of his dance was mesmerizing. The crowd swayed to the drum beats and the magic sounds of his guitar.

The grand finale was truly grand! Both these awesome artistes on the stage together was a treat of a lifetime. The jugal bondi of their music was such as has never been heard. The sounds of India and Africa blended seamlessly. The Khurtal and the drums matched each other, beat for beat. The morchang added a quaint sound to the guitar music and the lead singers brought alive the cultures of their countries. The crowd got so swept along with the music that many climbed up on to the satge to dance with these musical geniuses. All in all an event to remember.

desert dhun

Area fellowship drive, Oct 28th to Oct 30th, 2012 – DMRT 149

Cities Covered – Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur

149’rs attending – HT Ravi, Chairman Kapil, Mohit Arya, HT Manoj Saraogi, Tabler Amit Gupta.

Day 1: Fellowship and Tabling took on a different meaning with the FD 2012. The kickoff of the drive was done by NFC Tabler Randhir Gupta from Dhaula Kuan at 5: 30 a.m.! We were 28 Tablers and Sq. Legs in a deluxe Volvo Bus embarked on an ambitious journey to cover 3 cities – Jaipur, Bhilwara and Udaipur during this drive. Journey’s to me are the most memorable and enjoyable part of any trip! This was going to be special beyond all others!

Imagine 28 Tablers with an open bar and spiced up conversation can make a 14 hours journey also seem short and this is how this journey was meant to be. Area fellowship convener Anjum and Area Chairman Mohit ensured that there was enough actionable discussion items for all to discuss. Our pit stops were frequent for various reasons, yet we met up with Jaipur table for a joint fellowship social of 4 city tables at well before 1 p.m. and enjoyed an excellent lunch and fellowship. Jaipur to Bhilwara who meant to be a 4 hours trip and we were geared to make the most of post lunch with round of card session, keeping in mind our NST Deepak Menda’s penchant for a game. Imagine 8 people playing Teen Patti in a morning bus. 2 out of them were playing standing for 4 hours! Anyway trips have changes and in tabling plans change – we had to unfortunately drop Bhilwara from the trip as there was a demise in Tabler’s family. Discussion were taken, quick arrangements by ULRT Pankaj Duggar meant we were set on a 8 hours journey from Jaipur to Udaipur. This gave our singing Deva’s Kapil & Mohit to flex their vocal chords and our HT Manoj to play longer game of Teen patti. Infact he got Ace Trail – season’s first!! Our Welcome at 11 p.m. at Udaipur was warm with Tablers from ULRT in full strength – Delicious Food, Welcome Drinks and Delightful Banter. Night was young ever after a awesome journey. Cards / Gossip session all Continued.

Day 2: Started early with Mohit waking us all up – Yes !!Yes!! he is a responsible dude with his Area Chairman hat asking everyone to come for the AEX on time. We were all dressed up in Yellow T-shirts & Jeans looking like school boys at the resort attending a class! I and Manoj were assisting Puneet Bansal at The PTBAT for the ULRT Tablers. A session which we enjoyed conducting for the enthusiastic bunch of new inductees to RTI. The AEX was attended by VP Vineet Parikh… Lunch was followed by some well deserved rest and catching up on lot sleep and getting ready for the evening Inaguration of ULRT. A perfectly organised décor with Arabian Theme. All of us were given head gears and Music, Belly Dancing and Masti through an open air party ensured all of us carried back smiles an our faces. Our Chairman Kapil was happy and showed his own moves which kept everyone entertained once the Belly Dancers were gone.

Day 3: We visited ULRT project in the morning followed by an awesome lunch at the club with ULRT Tablers. Bided adieu to all to catch some sleep on the 4 p.m. flight to Delhi. A journey with memories of a life time coming to an end.

area fellowship 2 area fellowship 1

Secretary DMRT-149

“Musical Extravagnza” at Zorba on 30th Nov, 2012 – Organized by DRT 5, NDRT 24 & DMRT 149

Dear Friends,

We as a part of “service through fellowship” organisation called as ROUND TABLE INDIA are taking up an initiative to raise funds for the underprivileged children to provide them quality education and resources out of their reach.

RTI (round table india) has been at the helm of an effort called as FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION with a target to educate 1 million children free of cost.

We as members(Tablers) donate from our pockets as well as take opportunities of fellowship for raising funds and every single penny thus raised contributes to light the lives of millions nationally.

Latest in the list of our efforts, is a fellowship event planned as under:

Here are the details of a music concert with the most contemporary music which enthralls and opens the eyes to whole new genre’ of performing arts. Attached herewith are the links to performances of 2 such artist groups. Please take a minute of your time to watch the videos .

The performances will be on 30th november 2012 at Zorba on M.G road , near sultanpur metro station  the event will start at  along with premium drinks  and dinner .

The passes are priced at Rs 5000/ couple., Rs 3500/ single male and Rs 2500/single female entry. This entitles you to a fun filled evening with dinning costs taken care of.


Please check out the links to have a feel of the groups

Bombino –

Barmer Boys: Performing in Siri Fort, ADMF 2011

Bombino’s detailed bio

Barmer boys detailed bio

The copy of the article of bombino and barmer boys in the ht brunch,  edition sunday – 25th nov 2012

Screen shot 1Screen shot 2

 Please call Vikas  on +919810695440  or tina on +91 9310351600  or Gaurav – for passes


DMRT 149, Twinklers Activity – Imagination Factory

6th October 2012. An eye opener! We had no idea that our Twinklers can be so imaginative and creative!

At the Best out of Waste Competition held at Sq Leg Alok’s residence on 6th October 2012 we saw the Best of our Twinklers. Faced with an assorted pile of junk, they put on their thinking caps and set to work to come up with some interesting inventions. The young Inventors worked with a will, toiled for 90 mins to create their masterpieces.

From Flying Compartments, Sunny Mobile, a Spiderman pencil holder, a plate of delectable food, a musical joker, a cupboard, a junky dog, a house by the beach, an eco friendly bird house…. it was all there. Young they maybe but they were not lacking in big ideas

0f the 20 Twinklers, 16 kids were divided into 8 teams of 2 each and the 4 youngest Twinklers were allowed to do what they liked with the material. Each team had an older and a younger Twinkler who together worked their magic! At the end of 90 minutes , the inventions were judged by Mrs Ranjana Saha, a renowned art teacher in South Delhi. She judged the participants on the parameters of creativity, use of materials, imagination, etc…… First prize went to Team AA of Atishay & Aditya, Second Prize to The Inventors Sunanda & Mannan, Third Prize to The Masterchefs Vedeeka & Tarushi.

All Twinklers were given a participation certificate & a Goodies Hamper.
It was an amazing experience to see so many wondrous creations all at the same time. Eagerly awaiting the next edition of Imagination Factory!
Tr Kunal Gupta
Secretary, DMRT 149

AGM at Mussorie – DMRT 149

What a great AGM we had at Mussorie ! It was literally like “char baj gaye lekin party abhi baki hei.” There is so much of sleep to catch up on and I think all of us need to detox for the next 4 to 5 days.
For people who couldn’t go for the AGM I think they really missed out on the bonding and fellowship within our table and with other tablers of the Area as well. It all started with our train journey from New Delhi railway station. We didn’t even realize how those 6 hours just passed by so quickly as we were all so busy playing cards. Then on the bus journey from Dehradun …I guess everyone needed refuelling. So we picked up beer and then – suddenly the bus was abuzz with Mohit and me as usual culprits leading from the front with one chuppa rustam and that was GAURI (Gaggar). The bus got stalled some 5km’s short of Jaypee… Our IPC Amit lead by example, along with Shilpa, Nandika and Shrishti he decided to walk to Jaypee. What amazing weather! It was all misty but in retrospect I’m wondering was it the actually the mist or was it the smoking that caused it.

Then came the Informal Night in the evening, as usual it started late. As the first performance rolled out we realized that there was a problem with their sound system as the dialogues were not audible. Suddenly there was tension because dialogues of Dr. Chaddi were the backbone of our skit…… But then 149 with its legacy of performing was back with a bang! It was bad luck that we were disqualified for going beyond time limit but the fact of the matter is that everyone loved the skit with its crisp dialogues, great acting, good props and wonderful dance performance.
Next day was the AGM in the day, the Sergeants were Salil and Sumit of the Keh ke Loonga fame – they were brilliant. The high point of their act was that they were hilarious in all their acts without being vulgar and they collected fines of Rs.83,000/- without anybody feeling the pinch.

We got the Trophies for Fellowship and Extensions and COM’s for Best Community Service, Fund Raising, Little Genius Club, Maximum Supply House and Greeting Card Sales and Balance Activity and also a Special Recognition Trophy was given to Amit by Anjum for his support. Sumit also received a Recognition Certificate from the National’s as a Star Performer Secretary in the 1st Quarter.

On 9th morning was Mohit’s 1st AEX and guys was I impressed! Mohit had told me the previous night that you better be there for the AEX at 9:30 sharp and I thought to myself where is he going to get up before 10 anyways, but to my surprise the AEX started at 10 sharp. I didn’t even get the time to eat breakfast and went straight for the AEX.
Our train journey back to Delhi was also great. All in all, we had yet another memorable AGM! Thanks friends for a wonderful time and cheers to the bonding and friendship of 149-89…..
Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi jaise daaru desi……

Tr Kunal Gupta
Secretary 2012-13
DMRT 149