Uttarakhand calamity relief project update – DRT 51

UK Flood 1

The relief material received from over the country was collected at Tr. Harry Mann’s house. The
relief material consisted of some essential goods that were meant for immediate distribution.
This relief material was sent for distribution as under;

UK Flood 2

Two Tempo loads of relief material was loaded from Tr Harry Mann’s place to be sent to the
Uttarakhand Disaster Relief Organisation at the Maharana Pratap Sports Academy.
UK Flood 3

Two Tempo of relief material was handed over for distribution to the Uttarakhand Disaster Relief
Organisation through its Nodal officer, Secretary MDDA Mr. Tiwari at Maharana Paratap Sports
Mr. GC Bhatt AE MDDA seen in the picture taking the stuff from DRT 51 Secretary Tr. Guneet
Singh Rajan and Tr Shobit Mohan Rastogi. He also congratulated RTI for the splendid relief work.
DRT 51 Helping the flood affected victimsat ‘Ground Zero’ by joining hand with the organisation
of one of its Tablers, “Shivalik Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd”.UK Flood 4

A joint relief project with Tr. Shobit Goel’s company ‘ Shivalik Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd.’ was carried out
and Relief material distributed to the needy.

Prepared By;
Tr. Guneet Singh Rajan Secretary DRT 51 (2013-2014)


Friendship Day eve Mega joint Social on 3rd Aug, 2013 – DRT 51

What do you expect when in a year only five socials are hosted? The Table to be dull on
fellowships? On the contrary Tr Harry Mann Chairman DRT 51 turned the notion around by managing to convince the Tablers whose socials were pending (due to various unavoidable reasons) in the tabling year 2012-2013 to jointly hold a Mega Social. An event which had the right mix of all the elements of Tabling- Fun, Fellowship and Fund Raising (for Projects).
This Mega Joint Social of DRT 51 was held on the Friendship day eve 3rd Aug., 2013, to bring in friendship day with style and flair.
A renowned percussionist from Delhi, musician Hiten Pawar and his Team were called as themusical entertainment for the night.
The Venue was chosen as Vishranti which is a ‘Doon Valley Jungle Resort’, about a 30 mins
scenic drive from the town this is a place was a private farmhouse now converted into a
resort amidst the forest.
Invitations were sent out to a select few guests, Sq. Legs, Circlers and Tablers.
The evening started with a business meet and as soon as the meet was over it was time for
the fun to begin. Conversations, drinks and light music set a perfect environment for
fellowship, guests were told about the resent contributions of DRT51 towards the UK Calamity relief and how DRT 51 wants to move ahead in the rehabilitation of the people affected.
The Percussionist, Hiten Pawar started playing at 11 pm and set the beat and tempo of the
party so well that the Guests, Sq. Legs and Tablers were on the dancing floor within minutes.
He played music with such energy and passion that it created an environment of trance and with drinks doing the rounds the tempo of the party was taken to another level.
Friends greeted each other as they brought in Friendship day as the clock struck 12. Dhol,
Drinks and Dancing continued with food being laid only at One am. The ‘Gup Shup’, however went on till the wee hours.
It truly was an event to remember with mesmerising music and company of closest friends on Friendships Day. Nonetheless funds were raised, to be utilised towards the projects of DRT51 from contributions from the guests.

Rest shall be spoken by the pics below.

Mega Joint Social 1 Mega Joint Social 2