Joint Jaipur Tables cricket match on 21st Jul, 2013 – JHRT 185

Fellowship – Joint Jaipur Tables Cricket Match – 21st July 2013
Attended by – Tr. Surendra Dugar, Tr. Harsh Bajaj & Tr. Vijay Johar

We Cannot deny the fact that Cricket runs in the veins of all Indians, it is no different with our fellow Tablers.

The New Table in Jaipur JRT 233 led by Tr. Ankoorh took this wonderful initiative of a Joint Cricket Match with all Tables in Jaipur.

The event was wonderfully organized with Beer, Drinks, Snacks & Not to forget a Live Barbeque Counter. 3 Tablers from JHRT 185 participated in the event & it was equally supported by all other Tables of Jaipur. Long Live Tabling and Long Live Fellowship.

 JHRT 185

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“Fork & Knife Report” 23rd Feb, 2013 – JHRT 185

Fork & Knife Report

A one of its kind concept in Tabling started by our very own Sanjay Porwal had took off wonderfully well. For the month of February it was time for our Incoming Chairman Tr. Swaytank Maheshwari to invite Tr. Surendra & Tr. Vijay at home for Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner Combo. Sincerely not exaggerating even a single bit we started eating at around 12.30 pm and pro longed to 4.30 pm.

It all started by watching old photo albums of Swaytank-Ritu and their Family with snacks and starters in full flow on one side, well just to give you all an idea of the age of these photographs below is our lovely tabler Seth Swaytank Maheshwari….

image 1

Sanjay was the first to reach Swaytank’s house as a gate crasher and we had our LAPD guru Puneet with his wife Pooja & kids joining us for this wonderful program.

The ever smiling hosts Swaytank- Ritu didn’t leave any stone unturned to make us feel absolutely special. I always try to imagine what difference is this fork & knife going to make in our lives as friends and I got the answer after this lunch, it showed all the respect that a tabler is having for you and that in turns earns him immense respect. Surendra & myself have no words to describe how the whole family of Swaytank was there to back them during the course of the whole event.

Guys this is something that can only be felt after experiencing it, the warmth, love & fantastic hospitality that we received will stay in our hearts for a long time to come.

Some Snap Shots from the event…image 2

image 3

image 4

Report Compiled by Tr. Vijay Johar

“Hukka Bar” on 14th Nov, 2012 – JHRT 185

Diwali :It Was Not
Anniversary : It was Not
Birthday : No
No Special Occasion , Just Chill.. JHRT Style
Secretary Tr. Mohit Kala’s place. Hukkah, Snacks and Cards on 14th November ,2012


  • When Fellowship is in the Table’s Table’s DNA , there is no need , no reason, no occasion for a Party to happen!
  • Tr. Mohit Kala and his charming wife Sonal made a sudden impulsive programme for a get together.. ( Actually it was Mohit’s idea , Sonal already had two sets of guests for dinner that night!!) 
  • 13 couples with kids descended within an hour !
  • Then the party started…..

Lead us O’ Chairman!

Hukka 1

The Hosts

Hukka 2

Engines, Cards and snacks..

Hukka 3

Reported by Tr. Sanjay Porwal
JHRT 185

Fork & Knife dinner hosted by Tr. Prasun and Mridul Khaitan- JHRT 185


  • The Hosts: Tr. Prasun and Mridul Khaitan were the gracious hosts for the December F&K Dinner hosted at their home.
  • The Guests: Tr. Sanjay Porwal-Twinkle, Tr. Vijay Modi-Sapna were the Lucky Guests of the evening!

GuP ShuP and some revelations…

  • Evening started with table’s gup shup and slowly moved on to Childhood and family ..
  • Sapna and Vijay hadn’t met Mridul one to one, neither had Prasun and Mridul met Vijay and Sapna except in socials, The dinner was just what the Doctor Ordered!
  • With Non stop snacks and Chatter flowing, All 6 of us slowly got to know many things about each other families, Friends, Business and Life in General…. 
  • The Twinklers shy at first got along famously within 10 minutes.., Game of Hide and seek broke the ice…and the kids broke the glasses and cutlery playing the game all around the house…


  • Baap re! What Preparations were made by lady of the house Mridul…
  • A 7 course meal , with cuisine ranging from Mumbai to Motihari, Burma to Italy!
  • Burmese kadhi, Baked Veg, Vada pao, Chaat, Pulao, Matar Kulcha…………………..the list goes on

An evening with Friends…

  • In the end it turned out to be a memorable evening with Old friends made new and new ones made old….

Fork 1

Reported by : Tr. Sanjay Porwal

Blind School Visit on 18th Feb, 2013 – JHRT 185

JHRT had adopted a Blind School situated at Gangauri Bazaar 2 years ago and we have been supporting them in every possible way since then. Going with a tradition of taking these visually impaired students for medical check up to Fortis Hospital, it was followed this year also as there were additions of around 20 students to the school.

The lead was taken by Arti Handi wife of Tr. Manoj Handa as students were carefully examined by doctors at Fortis and they were given prescriptions as per the condition of their eye sight, among these students 2 students were such who doctors felt could see with Spectacles. As per the prescriptions received for all students JHRT had arranged all the respective medicines and also spectacles for the 2 students and visited the Blind Home today to provide these students the same.

The manager was handed over the medicines with their respective prescriptions and the student was made to were his spectacles and he could see clearly after that….it was an amazing experience for all of us as this had been done last year also we shall strive to make this a long term community service project.

Special mentions for Arti Handa for her impeccable follow up towards the School.

Same Snap Shots of the visit Today.


Report Compiled by
Glmf Tr. Vijay Johar

“One Minute Games” Fellowship on 3rd Nov, 2012 – JHRT 185

Tr. Sanjay Porwal-Twinkle, HT Vikas Damani-Monika Hosted one of the Most Interesting Socials of the year at Wassup!! Newest Resto-Lounge on November,3rd, 2012 Invite and Teasers started 10 days before and Preparations for Games even before. Participants were required to play 7 rounds of 1 minute each, the low scorers to be eliminated after each round. The Rounds were : 1) Back Flip 2) Ponginator 3) Nut Stacker 4) Blow the Balloon 5) Face the Cookie 6) Hang the Banana 7) Defying Gravity.

The Participants were shown “How to “Video clip on the Projector and then the Count Down started. The Excitement of Participants was to be seen to be believed. In the End Tr. Surendra and Nikita were Judged the Winners, Tr. Anish and Tina were the Runners Up. The Event was Well Attended By Tablers of JHRT 185, JPRT 171, JJRT 191, JRRT 215 and LRT 188, HTs and Sq. Legs.

The Music Started soon after the Finale of Games , Trance Music was flavour of the Night ! More than 80 Heads including Children attended the Social , Making it one of the Best attended Socials of the Year The Invite..

Inter Area Fellowship with Tr. AVS Sanjay and LC India NST Cr. Saumya on 21st Sep, 2012 – JHRT 185

JHRT 185 Hosted Tr. AVS Sanjay and LC India NST Cr. Saumya from Salem in Area 7 on 21st September at Jaipur Club. Chairman Tr. Arun –Vani, Treasurer Tr. Vijay , Puneet-Pooja, Tr. Swaytank-Ritu, Tr. Sanjay-Twinkle, Twinklers Nysha, Shloka, Suhani, Shruti, Avantika, Niharika and Kritika had a wonderful evening with the Guests. Exchanging Ideas, sharing experiences of Tabling and Circling . A formal Pin Exchange also took place. This was followed by Dinner .

Tr. Sanjay Porwal

AFC , JHRT 185