Friendship Day Celebrations on 4th Aug, 2013 – JJRT 191

What a perfect Sunday to celebrate Friendship Day.. good food, good beer and most important good friends to spend the day…thanks to the meticulous planning by Tr Anurag Kapoor, tablers including prospects, kids let their hair loose and what fun we had together… As it is said, ‘great friends are part of memories.

Time can never erase. When life is blessed with friends, sweeter memories are there two look back again and again…’thus, we all will always remember this years friendship day…

Friendship day 5

“Fellowship over coffee” – JJRT 191

“A lot can happen over coffee”

How true is the saying…..just a regular day turned into a fun filled night, when Tablers of JJRT 191 met over Coffee at CCD, Deer Park, Jaipur. It was a light evening which provided space to discuss plans for the year, AGM, and so on….As it is said, a lot can happen over coffee…we surely made good use of the time spent together and also met with few new prospects….


Cricket match with and within Jaipur tables – JJRT 191 & JRT

Jjrt 191 and Jrt had organised a combined cricket match with all the tables in Jaipur.
Day started with a different sky , entho of a kid and march of a general
Cricket match , sports that we have lived with from our childhood and haa graced our age
Match was organised at bhawani niketan , started at 11.30. One team was combination of jhrt 185 and jjrt 191 and other team was jrt , Jprt 171 and jrrt 215
Tr Manish jhelani and Ht Ravi Goenka ( young gun ) performance was remarkable , we were seeing 2 tendulkars batting.
Tr Kapil Bhargava and the team jjrt 191 were great , from breakfast pacs to the organisation , there support made this event possible , a feeling of brotherhood could be felt every moment , tabling , true bond
Tr Umesh Agarwal and tr Vikas Bajoria added spark by thier witful jokes.
Tr ashutoosh and tr Anup were patient spectators who did thier best to cheer up the team. Special thanks to tr Anup for organising the drinks so that the heat didn’t strike the players
Harsh Lahoty chairman jrrt 215, honest and professional umpiring was remarkable
In the history of cricket first time , both the teams won , tabling was soul and everyone was drenched in it.
All tables of Jaipur made this event filled with love , fun and thrill.
Cricket , now I realised , is a bond which has united India in more than many ways and the same unifying impact was more than most on us.
Tabling is not being in the table but being the table

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“Little hands … feeling Jaipur” – JJRT 191



little Hands 1


15-17th February, 2013, JAIPUR


From 15th– 17th February 2013 a group of visually impaired children (11) alongwith their family members in total 18 people visited Jaipur for an excursion visit. The team reached Jaipur on February 15th night and were hosted at a hotel owned by Tabler Vipul Maini. Three cheers to Vipul to sponsor their stay, meals, etc and not charge a penny to the Table.

Although weather was not very good on 16th February (desperate calls were made between Udai, Kartik, Kapil, Mayank and Amit to discuss alternate plan). However, thanks a holy dance by Tr. Kapil Bhargava (The Complete Man), god took pity on us and stopped the rains. Kudos to Kapil….

little Hands 2

The day started with the kids visit to the National Blind School which is run by National Blind Welfare Association and where they were made aware of the latest technologies which are being used for the education of blind children. It was quite a learning experience for the Kids. After the school, the next stop was the Jaipur museum. In the museum, they were educated about the rich history of Jaipur, etc. and they were able to feel the walls from time to time and were able to visualise the place in their minds. For lunch, they were hosted by Chairman Vishal at Moti Mahal, where they were treated with a scrumptious meal. 

little Hands 3

After that they visited the Amer Fort and Shitlamata temple. Post the visit to the Amer Fort; they enjoyed the light and sound show at Amer. Even though the weather had dipped suddenly and it was extremely cold, that did not dissuade the Kids to enjoy the light and sound show. It was the enthusiasm of the kids that kept the Tablers accompanying them to also enjoy the trip to Amer. 

little Hands 4

On 17th February post a heavy breakfast, the kids visited the Zoo. In the zoo, they got to know about different types of wild animals, such as bear, leopard, lion, tiger, elephant, monkey, ostrich, fox, deer, wolf, rabbit, crocodile, various types and colour of birds, and their sounds. They were very excited to hear the sound of the lion, tiger, and elephant etc. The guides that travelled with them, described to them the body structure and colour of various animal and birds, which helped them to visualise the animals. After the zoo visit, they went back to the hotel for lunch and then they headed back for Chittor. Ladies Circle had organised packed food for the kids, which was distributed to the kids by Cr. Shreya Rawat. It is important to recognise Cr. Rashi Kothari and Cr. Shweta Mehta for taking the lead in organising the food packets. 


These are inputs that Tr. Udai received from the Kids…drafted by them, hence no editing was done to correct the language…

  • Manju: – I liked the light and sound show very much which gave us details about Jaipur history and his ruler. Arrangements in the hotel were also very good, I like food very much.(Tr. Vipul to please make note)

  •  Rami and her mother: –Rami told that “I liked very much of zoo to fell and know about them. Even I am quit fortunate to hear some noises of various wild animals. Before this visit I was never imagine, seeing those palaces and even I stayed in hotel and took various food also. I like very much this trip and Thanks to all the organizers. Her Mother told, before I was fearful, that how can I send my girls to Jaipur but now I can my girl can go anywhere and no need of myself to go with her. I can see the clear confidence

  •  Ashutosh: – I was very happy to feel different types of things at museum and in the fort. I also enjoyed singing in the taxi during travel. I will never forget this visit for my whole life and I would like to thank Udai Sir and all his friends for providing this opportunity.

Acknowledgements (Thanks):

  • Tr. Udai: For taking the initiative to organise the Visit of the kids and for ensuring that all the Tablers turn up on time….lot of sms were sent, will send my Bill for reimbursement (Tr. Kapil, please make note)little Hands 5

    • Tr. Vipul and his family: For playing the role of a generous host…wish you would also host your fellow Tablers for a night and make us go blind with all the beauties that you will arrange to keep us entertained…

    • Tr. Saket Taparia: For his commitment towards the cause and involvement in all the activities…kudos to you…

    • Tr. Kartik: Bade dadaji…for sponsoring the dinner for one night for the kids…kabhi hum jaise bhuko ko bhi apne ghar me dinner khilaya karo..bahut punaya milega….

    • Tr. Mayank: No thanks for not being around but thanks for letting the tigers stay safe in Ranthambore…Thanks for ensuring that report of the event is disseminated on time…..

    • Tr Kapil: The Complete Man…..thanks for taking care of the kids, while the drunkards (sunil, saket, etc) were enjoying their Vodka in Amer Fort….

    • Tr. Amit: For sponsoring the snacks for the kids….Metro se wholesale mein khareda tha..tuhar ek tabler ke ghar ke liye be le lete…saale kanjus….

    • Tr. Nainesh: Eid ke chand…for his time to show the kids the museum and the city palace…saale, yeah report to bana deta…

    • Tr Aakash, Alpesh and Sandeep: for their guest appearances…

    • Tr. Sukant: good to see you involved the whole day on 16th Feb….ek ek gas cylinder gift kar deta, sab bacche dua dete tere ko…..aur sab tabler ko bhi….sab ki biwiya dua dete tereko…little Hands 6

    • Tr Sunil: For photography without charge….it was exciting to see the lion getting horny seeing our own tiger…mating calls were heard all over Jaipur….

    • Tr. Kapoor: Samsung man….tasting the food and giving the green signal at Vipul Hotel….

    • Tr Vishal: sponsoring the lunch at Moti Mahal…kids enjoyed the food and also for sponsoring the dinner for Tr Udai and Tr Amit….made each and everyone else in the Tabler jealous…

      little Hands 7

      Last but not the least; we would like to acknowledge all the Twinklers for taking out time and visiting the Zoo alongwith the Kids.little Hands 8