Sambhar Bhoomi Poojan – JPRT 171

JPRT171 eyes and JRT 233 vision, true synonyms of each other laid the foundation for a beautiful school project for deprived kids at sambhar.

Poor workers work in most harsh and unorganized conditions at samhar area, their kids suffering to the most with least care and education as an unseen dream.

JPRT 171 and JRT 233 decided to stand for this most urgent cause.

 It’s a project of 5 classrooms and 1 toilet block.

 We are starting with 2 classrooms in the First Phase.

 It was overwhelming to see the support that was bestowed to us by  AREA V.

 AC. Tr. Mohit Arya ,National Project Convenor Tr. Tushar Agarwal, Area Mentor Ravi Baid, Tr  Amit Gupta, Tr. Mayank Maheshwari , NHT Tr. Pankaj Vats, we’re there to brick the foundation ,besmearing us with  their selfless love.

 From auspicious Puja ceremony to kachoris and lassie, participation and belonginess could be felt and witnessed to the truth of this words.

 Thank you round table  for creating substance in us to work for humanity.

 Pictures and media report attached in the email.

 Quote – ” we are exploring the human in us, now we are more human”

 Tablers of JPRT171: Tr. Sameer Bhargava, Tr. Rajat Bohra, Tr. Gaurav Shah, Tr Ankur Palubala , Ht. Ravi Goenka and Tr. Umesh Agarwal and Tablers of JRT233 Tr. Keshav lakhotia,Tr. Saurabh Sharma, Tr. Amit Jain,Tr. Deepak Baid,Tr. Kapil singh,Tr. Vaibhav Gupta, Tr. Ashutoosh Bajoria & Ankoorh Agarwal

Reported by Tr. Ankoorh Agarwal Chairman JRT 233.
Tr. Rajat Bohra
JPRT 171


Inauguration of Gyan Vidhya Mandir on 2nd Oct’ 12 – JPRT 171

Oct 2, 2012. Today we had Inauguration of Round Table  India Golden Jubilee FTE School Block at GYAN VIDHYA MANDIR , Dadabari ,Sanganer, Jaipur

 The School has been build with support of P&G Shiksha

This is the 5th School Build by JPRT171. The total Project cost is Rs 13,75000 with construction of 4 classroom and will benefit 200 Students immediately.

The School will be managed by Jagriti, A well known NGO in Jaipur. In this unique partnership Jagriti will take care of quality of education and also the students will be given free education ,mid day lunch, uniform and books for next 10 years.

Chairman Sameer  thanked NST Deepak Menda , Area Chairman Mohit Arya , Area Mentor Ravi Baid , Mayank Maheshwari, Tr Amit Begani National President Nepal and fellow floor  tablers of Jaipur for there support and presence in inauguration.

GLMF Tr.Deepak M Menda National Secretary inaugurated the school. He spoke about the RTI FTE projects and encouraged kids to study and do good.

Area Chairman Mohit Arya Spoke about Round Table ,He also appreciated JPRT171 for the fifth Project

IPC Ashish Raniwala gave excellent speech about the how the school has been build.\

Twinklers of JPRT171 have donated books and started library in the School Campus. AC Mohit Arya gave excellent idea that we float email to Area group asking other tablers coming from Punjab and delhi for fellowship drive for donating books which can be added to the library.

We at JPRT thank Deepak , Mohit and Ravi for taking out time and traveling all the way from Vizag and Delhi for our School Inaugration.