Wild Party theme social on 22nd Apr, 2013 – JRT

Jrts  initiative to unify tabling, we stand as one  .

We had our 4th social hosted by Tr. Robin Setia and Tr. Kapil Singh on April 22, 2013 at Wassup lounge.

The WILD PARTY theme was very apt and the hosts made sure everybody had a wild and a great time. The evening started at 7pm with the entire contingent there by around 8. People came out dressed wildly and in accordance with the theme. The host along with their wives set up a lovely booth for some wild skirts, caps, hunter hats and swashbuckling neck and head pieces.

The bar was open for all. Single malt, Black Label, Vodka and Beer were consumed in abundance. The lip smacking snacks complemented the free flowing booze.

Both the host tablers’ and their wives created a very friendly and interactive atmosphere and got everybody dancing to some thumping music. The musical hat game was super fun and everybody participated and had a great time.

We invited Tablers from all the tables of Jaipur to grace n nourish us.

JA lavish buffet spread was laid outside. The tasty food with the lovely weather was the high point of the night.

The party continued late into the night. We all tablers had a lot of fun and also interacted with tablers from other tables.

Kudos to the hosts for a great party!!

Tabler’s from other tables who graced our social 
Rajat Bohra
Dr. Gaurav Shah
Manish Kasliwal
Sanjay Porwal
Vijay Johar
Harsh Lahoty

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Awaaz initiative on 19th Apr 2013 – JRT

Today jrt went to awaaz, institute for deaf n dumb kids. Jrt donated oil, biscuits, bournvita and chips. Ever day we are trying to do something human. All thanks to round table. God bless 24 jrtians, as everyone always stands for human  cause. We are trying to spread happiness and believe me, we are truly selfish, we are only doing this because it is giving us immense happiness

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Cricket match with and within Jaipur tables – JJRT 191 & JRT

Jjrt 191 and Jrt had organised a combined cricket match with all the tables in Jaipur.
Day started with a different sky , entho of a kid and march of a general
Cricket match , sports that we have lived with from our childhood and haa graced our age
Match was organised at bhawani niketan , started at 11.30. One team was combination of jhrt 185 and jjrt 191 and other team was jrt , Jprt 171 and jrrt 215
Tr Manish jhelani and Ht Ravi Goenka ( young gun ) performance was remarkable , we were seeing 2 tendulkars batting.
Tr Kapil Bhargava and the team jjrt 191 were great , from breakfast pacs to the organisation , there support made this event possible , a feeling of brotherhood could be felt every moment , tabling , true bond
Tr Umesh Agarwal and tr Vikas Bajoria added spark by thier witful jokes.
Tr ashutoosh and tr Anup were patient spectators who did thier best to cheer up the team. Special thanks to tr Anup for organising the drinks so that the heat didn’t strike the players
Harsh Lahoty chairman jrrt 215, honest and professional umpiring was remarkable
In the history of cricket first time , both the teams won , tabling was soul and everyone was drenched in it.
All tables of Jaipur made this event filled with love , fun and thrill.
Cricket , now I realised , is a bond which has united India in more than many ways and the same unifying impact was more than most on us.
Tabling is not being in the table but being the table

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